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  1. I've recently been having issues with Google Chrome downloading WADs from the idgames archive. At first, it was telling me the download was insecure and now it won't download anything at all. I'm still able to download through Firefox and both are on the latest version. It seems like possibly something in the https cert is messed up, but I'm not a web developer so I'm not entirely certain. Hope this can be easily fixed and it's not super widespread.
  2. KingKull2112

    Born in a Casket.WAD BIG UPDATE V 1.2

    I'm a simple man. If it has Hexenkraft, it's good.
  3. KingKull2112

    Make all deaths exit?

    Hello, is it possible to make a file (whether bat or wad) that will cause any deaths to exit the level? A YouTuber I watch recently decided to start a new speedrunning category called UV-Suicide and I want to see people do full runs of this without having to idclev after every map. He's currently doing it in PrBoom+ if that makes any difference.