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  1. QuotePilgrim

    Doom 1 or 2?

    DOOM is a better game. Way better level design, better progression, better music, and no enemies that make the game actively less enjoyable. DOOM II is better for making levels and modding because it's a strict superset of DOOM regarding gameplay mechanics.
  2. QuotePilgrim

    Editor On Linux!

    I find this kind of warning amusing because I've been a Puppy Linux user for years, and it runs everything as root by default, and while you can configure another, non-root user, that's highly advised against by the distro maintainers. I mean, Puppy is very much an oddball distro, but still. My point is, even though root gives you a lot more power to completely break your system, most of the time running everything as root is actually not that bad. Not if you understand your system, at least. Root isn't dangerous, it has the potential to be, but isn't inherently dangerous.
  3. QuotePilgrim

    Editor On Linux!

    Does your system suppor flatpaks? SLADE is available on flathub, so if you do have suppor for flatpaks it should work if you install it as one. I know for a fact both SLADE and Eureka work fine on Ubuntu and on Arch-based distros, but I have no clue if installing any of these on a Raspberry Pi is feasible. I also got ReDoomEd to work fine on both Ubuntu (Lubuntu, to be specific) and Puppy Linux (albeit in a hackish way I had to figure out by myself).
  4. QuotePilgrim

    question about monster movement

    12 frames per second is definitely enough for movement to appear smooth. Most animation is done at that rate, old anime is often done at less than that, and most of the time you can't even notice. This is part of the reason film people swear by 24 fps, because it's much more than enough, and 48 or 60 fps makes movement look unnaturally smooth and edges of moving objects way too sharp (no motion blur), which is unpleasant to look at compared to 24 fps.
  5. QuotePilgrim


    Maybe so, but I don't like the idea of using a 32 bit program on a 64 bit OS unless there is no 64 bit version. No reason, really, it just seems to make more sense. Anyway, while I am absolutely convinced my SLADE copy was set up to use FluidSynth before and it was working (I had triple checked that the FluidSynth box was ticked -- and it was, even though it was greyed out), I ended up deleting my SLADE config just to make sure, and now it won't work anymore, it only works with TiMidity++. I have no idea how it happened, I can only say that this is what happened. My best guess is that it was using TiMidity++ all along but for one reason or another claimed to be using FluidSynth. So yeah, my bad, apparently FluidSynth does in fact not work, I should have done better testing. FWIW, the solution for using TiMidity++ with 64 bit SLADE I described above does work if you get a Windows binary of the program, which you can't get from the official TiMidity++ site, but should be easy enough to find.
  6. QuotePilgrim


    That is not true. I have checked and I have the 64 bit version of SLADE, using FluidSynth and pointing to the location of gzdoom.sf2, and it works just fine. TiMidity++ also works but it's not immediately obvious how to set it up on Windows. What needs to be done is create a text file named "timidity.cfg" in the same directory as the timidity executable, with a single line that looks something like this: soundfont "C:\path\to\gzdoom.sf2" Then when you point SLADE to where the executable is, it should work fine. You can of course use any soundfont other than gzdoom.sf2, with either FluidSynth or TiMidity++; I personally prefer Florestan Basic GM GS.
  7. QuotePilgrim

    What is your most used editor?

    SLADE, pretty much exclusively, especially since I started a standalone game project and using any of the DoomBuilder variants for that would be too inconvenient, since they expect you to be making maps for an existing IWAD and throw a bunch of errors if you don't point to an IWAD they recognize. I could use UDB in theory, but it would be too much of pain to be worth it. Either way I don't like using multiple programs for what I can do with just one, and I learned mapping from a tutorial that was written for SLADE so it just makes more sense to me.
  8. QuotePilgrim

    CC0 MIDIs and other music for your projects

    These are great, I specially loved the mood of "Derelict". I really appreciate the CC0 license, and I might use some of these as a base for making some of the music in a project of mine for I which I've been making all of the assets myself, including the music. That said, why not use another license like CC-BY, or even CC-BY-SA, if you care about attribution? I license a lot of what I make under permissive licenses, but I only ever use CC0 for things I specifically don't want to be attributed for. Most of the time I go for CC-BY-SA because it requires people to use the same license, which I is how I think it should always be. If you take a piece of music that is available for free to make your own piece of music, yours should be equally available.
  9. QuotePilgrim

    what if the doom source code never was released

    Polyobjects are a Hexen thing, so at least that would definitely be a thing. Anyway I see absolutely no reason why all of the advanced features of modern source ports wouldn't eventually be implemented, and I am of the opinion that they would and we would almost definitely by now have a DOOM port that is as advanced as ZDoom. The source code not being realesed would in no way prevent people from figuring out all of the intricacies of the engine, and then bulding upon it just as well as they did with the source available. Of course, speculating, no right answers, etc. That said I change my answer to "if the source code was never released Graf Zahl himself would have decompiled the DOOM engine and made GZDoom anyway". I'm being facetions of course, but who knows, it could happen.
  10. QuotePilgrim

    what if the doom source code never was released

    Source ports would have been based on the disassembly of the engine rather than its source code, and would probably be called just "ports" rather than source ports. Other than that, the DOOM modding scene would basically be the same as it is now, albeit maybe a bit smaller. Look at Prince of Persia, which has a very active modding community that is not at all based on the game's original source code, which was lost for a long time and only released to the public decades after the game's official release. It is a smaller community than DOOM's, there are less ports of the game, and the modding tools are more rudimentary, but bear in mind it's also a much less popular game in general. Another old games whose source code was never released with a pretty sizable and very active modding community is Super Mario World, I know less about that one than about PoP's, so I can't say much else, but you can easily go on YouTube or something and see the sheer number of romhacks/mods of that game that are out there. In general I personally think the effects of the source code not being officially released would have been minimal at best, if at all noticeable. The problem with "what if" questions though, and why I really don't like them, is that the only valid answer is "nobody knows". No matter how much anyone speculates, no one will ever be right.
  11. Not really. Of the games I play regularly, DOOM might be the one I play the least. I have over 500 hours of The Binding Of Isaac, 350 hours of Tetr.io and my lowest possible estimate for Minecraft is about 1500 hours, but it could easily be more than double that. DOOM and DOOM II combined I would be surprised if I played for even a third of the time I have on Tetr.io, so there you go.
  12. QuotePilgrim


    Bold of you to assume I care enough to even look at the time it took me to finish any given map. I mean, I finished DOOM at least three years after having played for the first time (of course I didn't play in the intervening time, and I had to start it over), but I wouldn't be able to tell you what the in-game time was.
  13. QuotePilgrim

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    There are lots of maps out there that are just minor modifications of existing maps. I don't play deathmatch a lot, or ever, really, but even then I saw multiple DM maps that are just all of MAP01 with some stuff added to it, and I don't see anyone being mad at them. Taking an existing map and messing around with the floor and ceiling heights of the sectors, changing textures and linedef types etc can make for a far more unique map than any of those, so I don't see that being an issue. And besides, the linedefs wouldn't be unmodified original assets because 1) changing the texture of a linedef is modifying it and 2) linedefs aren't even assets to begin with. Anyway I don't really expect anyone to take the idea seriously enough to turn it into a real CP, so it doesn't really matter. But I will say I 100% believe there's no problem in making maps this way, except for it being arguably lazy. As for the other one, glad to hear someone at least gave it a shot, but I was thinking about it and maybe not changing any of the things' properties might be a tad too restrictive, so maybe changing stuff like angle so you can turn monsters around and change which direction the player starts facing at, and whether a monster is set to ambush. As long as every thing is in the same place, is the same thing type as in the original map, and has all its skill flags unchanged, it would be fine. It's just a silly idea I had and didn't really put too much thought into, if somehow anyone wants to go with it, they might want to change the rules a bit.
  14. Maybe for DOOM format graphics that's the case, as the palette and graphics are separate. But for PNG images (or other formats a port might support), with hardware rendering it's going to completely ignore PLAYPAL and use whatever colors are in the images themselves.
  15. QuotePilgrim

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Not a mod but I had this idea for a CP that I'm definitely not going to start, so I'm just going to mention it here and if anyone likes this silly idea enough to do it themselves, feel free to. "DOOM in Things Only". Start with the original DOOM maps, and delete all linedefs, so that only the things remain. The new maps must be created without touching the existing things, that is not removing any of them, changing any of their properties, nor moving them around; adding new things is also not allowed. Also all things present in a should all ideally be accesible to the player, so no leaving them outside the map or anything like that. Its sister project would of course be "DOOM in Linedefs Only", where all things are deleted, all the the existing lines must be kept where they are, and no new lines can be created. Allowed operations would naturaly consist of changing exisiting line and sector properties, and merging sectors or creating new ones as long as it doesn't involve adding or removing lines. Thing placement is, of course, whatever the mapper wants.