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  1. YeOldeFellerNoob

    Favorite Album Cover?

    Well... It is what the title says. It's a guy stabbing a duck. Jokes aside, I love this cover due to the fact that it helped introduce me to more experimental (albeit, insane and not good) music. The Residents are absolute power units of a band.
  2. YeOldeFellerNoob

    Would DOOM be in the same genre as Garten of BanBan?

    Hello. I personally think it's funny. However, I am open to people expressing their opinion :)
  3. YeOldeFellerNoob

    Would DOOM be in the same genre as Garten of BanBan?

    I am pretty consistent.
  4. YeOldeFellerNoob

    Would DOOM be in the same genre as Garten of BanBan?

    Black Sabbath was considered Acid Rock when the first album was released. It wasn't until hundreds of artists started to do the same sound when people started to call it Heavy Metal. Yes, but DOOM plays differently from other FPS games like Quake and Call of Duty That is the point: They play similar, but they aren't exactly the same, just like how Peak-ten of BanBan plays similar to DOOM. Both are games that have very similar elements, like puzzles and mazes. I am as serious as they get. In fact, I get so fucking pissed when people don't take me seriously. It is why the admins gave the title of "The WORST DOOMWorld Member In ALL Of History". If you don't think I am serious, i will get serious. So serious, that I will blow my back off (pause) and Superman my way to whoever says I am not serious. You better watch it pal, or you will face the wrath of YeOldeFellerNoob.
  5. YeOldeFellerNoob

    Why are recent Doomworld threads stupid?

    I dunno. I thought I made a few good points as to why DOOM is the same genre of Garten of BanBan, and yet people called me a shit-poster! Maybe people just don't like to compare 2 peak games side-by-side.
  6. As you know, most DOOM players don't just play DOOM, and I am a part of this list. As a serious gamer, I sometimes look into other series and genres, and the one that has been interesting to me, a professional autist, is this whole wave of "Mascot Horror" games. Not that they are good or promising, though that could be debated with some of them (*Ahem, Indigo Park), but because the garbage ones are so insane that its hard to NOT laugh at them (Garten of BanBan is a perfect example). With this knowledge, I am surprised that it took me this long to actually notice this. The main characteristics of these games would be of the following: The game follows an episodic structure, with the first episode being for free, and the rest behind a paywall. The game must have a gimmick, and have relatively simple game-play. The game must have a monster that is marketable and can be sold in stores with hundreds recognizing it. Now, we both know that Garten of BanBan follows these rules nicely, but there is a glaring issue; DOOM (Specifically the first entry) follows these rules as well. Hear me out: DOOM has an obvious episodic structure, with the first episode being free to play. DOOM has the gimmick of having 6 devastating weapons, and the fact that it is a maze game with monsters. DOOM has several iconic demons, from the Hell Knights to the Cyberdemon, an it has been proven that yes, you can make money off of selling merch of them. Is this all? No. As we know, these games are completely different. BanBan tries to tell its story via its environments and characters, and BanBan has a completely different approach to horror that DOOM doesn't follow. However, if DOOM isn't mascot horror, how is DOOM a first-person shooter? Is DOOM like Quake? Quake does its horror completely differently, and although DOOM and Quake have a familiar philosophy in terms of game-play, they both play completely differently. What about DOOM and Call of Duty? They both are first-person shooters, but to say they are the same is like saying that Drake is as close to quality as Beyonce (it's not close). If we are going to hold DOOM by this thread, then whats stopping us from strengthening that thread by adding another one? So, in summary, DOOM is the best mascot horror game ever.
  7. YeOldeFellerNoob

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    It's actually confirmed that DOOMGuy doesn't reload because he has a long clit
  8. YeOldeFellerNoob

    Profile pages are frozen in December 1723

    Jumping Jellybeans! They oughta get this bugga outta here!
  9. YeOldeFellerNoob

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    The post above is not true, and is heavily misinformed. In reality, heavy metal changed once Andrew Carnegie made the Carnegie Steel Company in 1892, which he would sell to J.P. Morgan in 1901, helping J.P. Morgan found U.S. Steel. This makes both J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie the richest people during the Gilded Age of America, and revolutionizing the heavy metals industry.
  10. YeOldeFellerNoob

    The Intolerance and Rejection of New Mappers for Base Doom

    I kind of see what you mean, but at the same time, "DOOM Remake 4".
  11. YeOldeFellerNoob

    Favorite Sound In DOOM

    The SSG firing sound in DOOM 64.
  12. YeOldeFellerNoob

    Why do doom games take so long to come out?

    Read this in the voice of Mr. Beast.
  13. YeOldeFellerNoob

    What Got You Into Doom?

    I had been interested in DOOM since I was in 5th grade, and tried to "legally obtain and run" the SNES Rom on my old piece of shit tablet. Needless to say, it was fruitless; however, it wasn't until I heard of DOOM Touch, when I would soon have the ability to play DOOM. I would then get a piece of shit PC in 6th grade, which would lend me the ability to play DOOM the proper way, and I would soon discover mods like Brutal DOOM, That one Castlevania TC that I forget the name of, Sonic Robo Blast 2, Eviternity, ETC. Basically, mobile gaming introduced me to DOOM.
  14. YeOldeFellerNoob

    Why do doom games take so long to come out?

    Quake reboot looks promising, and there ain't even any piece of promotion for it lol.
  15. YeOldeFellerNoob

    Source Port of Choice

    DOOM Retro is sick, along with Crispy DOOM.