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  1. aletheos eberlain

    If you were to add any monster in DOOM Classic.

    I would probably steal some monsters from D&D. How about another spellcaster? We only really have the Archvile(No, I don't count throwing 'fireballs'). Maybe Illithids? Powerful melee spellattack, kind of like the Archvile's, but only up close. Telekinetic abilities, allowing it to pick up items or other monsters from a distance and use them as thrown projectiles. Or working as a support caster, maybe? When it's close to another monster, it would confer a damage or health buff to that monster, indicated by an aura graphic around the target monster. How about Gryphons, or some sort of monstrous flying unit, with a chain lightning attack. Hitscan attack that bounces to nearby targets after a short delay, and can bounce from decorations. They could have riders, that become grounded melee units when the Gryphon dies, unless it's too high up? A modified version of the Cyberdemon, that's properly immune to rockets. If you use rockets, he catches them mid-air, laughs at you, and tosses them randomly, sometimes back at you. Resistant to damage from bullets, but extra vulnerable to plasma. Something like the giants from Golden Axe. Big, slow, melee units, with enormous range. Also, to compensate for that one, something small. A swarm of rats/bats/creepy crawlies. Can move on all surfaces, basically flying units that avoid open air(follow floors/walls/ceilings) Loses cohesion and size(its numbers), as it loses hitpoints. Does more damage, moves faster and is more aggressive when it is larger (measured as a variable internally, rather than actually being multiple separate things, maybe change scale and graphics based on hitpoints alone?). The Gelatinous Cube! Slow. And, I mean R E A L slow. Is all but immune to most damage, except plasma. Will A* pathfind directly to the player. No zig-zaggin' or moving backwards randomly. Only attack is a damage based on distance, rather than it's attack state. When the player, or any monster that isn't another cube, enters its body, they continuously take low but rapid damage, and their movement speed is halved. If a cube intersects with another cube, they merge into one unit, with twice the size and hitpoints.
  2. Born Again Misanthrope is good boss music for the Spider Mastermind. The "singing" I can do without. About Infinite Resurrection, I'd say something about it being a good strategy against the Cyberdemon, but I worry about angering some chaotic god of puns. I liked the guitar part starting at 3:03, but the rest is just... meh. I'm going to go with Plutonium on this one. Now, time for some """ironic music"""
  3. The locomotive may have excellent stagecraft, but their music is not bizarre enough, and my body too sings the electric. I'll go with the Waste Disposal Machine. How do you like your noir? Incidentally, I'd like to get my hands on these as .it or midi, for a map I'm working on.
  4. Yeah. As can be seen in the screenshot, I left the map with 200/200 and a bunch of ammo. Which, I definitely would have needed on the third map. But, the wad forces pistol start on every map(unfortunately?).
  5. I did have fun with that map. It's my favorite, so far, but I've only made it to map04. Yeah, I was trying everything I could think of. I didn't know what kind of scripting magic you had going on behind the scenes. See, I remember someone, I think it was in this thread, saying something about how you shouldn't kill the Archvile. And I figured you had to let it run onto the teleporter to trigger some door opening somewhere. And maybe you had to teleport the key off the pad, somehow. My mind just can not think of obvious simple solutions when there are more complicated possibilities. So, it was the very last thing I tested. Up until now, I haven't even noticed the texture was misaligned. I just found the right line by mistake. I think I walked around touching every single wall in the entire map.
  6. The answer was, fuck yeah! That was actually easier than I'd thought.
  7. Is there any way to get to that yellow key without exiting the map? Just tell me if there is. If there is, I want to figure out how on my own, but if there isn't, I don't want to waste my time trying to do something impossible.
  8. Ooo, that's a difficult choice... I'm gonna go with... pedophile number 2. Now, on a more serious note, a blue note, if you will... Are you a Blakey fan? Or, a Mingus stan?
  9. aletheos eberlain

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    I like 3D-floors, and detailed sector work. Why not both? This is a chair, in Bauhaus style, for my ARMC map. In hindsight, I can see I've made a few mistakes. This was modeled after a specific image of a Model B3(Wassily chair), and looking at other images of the same chair, I can clearly see now that the arm rests are meant to go through the back. Oh, well... I guess it's my design now.
  10. aletheos eberlain

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    It worked out great! Thank you. I just had to realign almost all textures in the map, but it isn't a very large map, yet, so... Strangely, SLADE3 does not include this flag in its syntax autocompletion.
  11. aletheos eberlain

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    They're in the CPU :P
  12. Yeah... I'm going with Katharsis, between these two. Second one sounds too much like my little brother. You knew these were coming... How will you roll?
  13. aletheos eberlain

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    This must have been asked a million times, but my Google-fu is weak, and this is starting to bother me. How do I make the texture alignment match between Doom Builder's visual mode and the actual game? I frequently have to nudge a wall or* midtex half a unit this way, or two units that way, so it looks misaligned in the editor, in order to to make it look correct in game. Scaling textures seems to make it worse, so textures that are squished very small or stretched very large, seem to have a larger difference between editor and game. I'm running GZDoom 4.3.3 as I'm writing this, with Ultimate Doom Builder R3440(64-bit), and it was the same way in 4.1.3 and previous versions of UDB and GZDB before that. *I think I may have been mistaken, and it's only mid textures that get this misalignment
  14. aletheos eberlain

    A Random Mapping Contest!

    No, it wasn't the rules. I may have misread your response to Walter confetti as being more limiting than it was intended. I thought you were saying that the resources allowed were 'from any Id Tech 1 game' as well as 'custom assets from realm667'.
  15. aletheos eberlain

    A Random Mapping Contest!

    So, I should not include custom textures? Even if they are made from the originals(e.g. rotate a patch 90° so it can be aligned properly on walls?)