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  1. Well, that just happened.

    My laptop was stolen. I live in a neighborhood that experienced a string of robberies, and according to the landlord... this wasn't the first time.

    They actually visited this house I'm staying at before, but the first time around, they only stole $200, and only because the landlord forgot to set the home security alarm.

    Second time around, they found my laptop inside my backpack. This was a repeat visit that allowed them to turn the place upside down, and apparently they found my fourth most-valuable possession.

    Both times, they entered when no one was in the house. I'm certain the house is being watched by the criminals. Looking back, after the first break-in, I should've seen the red flag and take my laptop with me wherever I went.

    I'm dissapointed, but not devastated. My friends are offering me options right now that I'll take time to consider.

    Good news: My PC was spared. I think the criminals must've underestimated its value. I'm still fortunate enough have a decent enough job that I should be able to replace my laptop within 2 months of my disposable income. My Doom project is secure in the cloud, so yeah.

    Note to self: $400 a month in rent always comes with some kind of catch. Fuck.

    First thing tomorrow: move my PC back to my parent's place.

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    2. GreyGhost


      That's a bit of good news. I'd assume the laptop's at least in working order to turn up in a pawn shop.

    3. ReFracture


      Doom Marine said:

      Serial number, bitch.

      Damn fucking straight.

      Hope the laptop is okay. Probably still functional if it was accepted at a pawn shop.

    4. Tango


      man when I started reading this thread I had hoped that there would be that sort of conclusion by the time I finished scrolling down. although it's really not a conclusion. anyway I hope you find da mfkers