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  1. I made a Haunted House Poster for Hansee Hall, which also happen to be my college dormitory.

    The initial sketch:

    - Hand-drawn on 11x17 paper and then digitally scanned.
    - Notice the Doom-inspired tree in the foreground.

    If you click on the thumbnail, a 1100x1700 version of the poster will be displayed. The actual print version--yet to be uploaded--is 3300x5100, which translate into 300 pixels/inch.

    --- --- ---

    The final product:

    - Doom PWAD textures used.
    - Silhouettes of witches and various creatures Googled off the net.
    - Tower with red crown inspired by Minas Morgul.
    - Pleiades Constellation as background sky.
    - Thrown together with Photoshop 7.0.

    Items such as the tree, windows, and rockfaces are deliberate in the cartoonish style, as it balances out the gritty feel of the rock and wood textures.

    Now there are literally fifty-odd copies of those poster pasted all over campus, and some people even asked how I was able to find graphics such as those textures. Doom is the secret.

    EDIT PS: This is a non-profit event, in case you're wondering.

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    2. Lüt


      myk said:

      but I giuess it might matter what size it will be

      And how about Guiseppe yourself?

    3. spank


      look to la luna

    4. myk


      Ed Winchester said:
      And how about Guiseppe yourself?

      You give me electric chair. I no afraid of that chair! You're one of capitalists. You is crook man too. Put me in electric chair. I no care!