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  1. School: UW-Seattle
    Quarter: Spring 2007
    Class: ARCH-211 [Architectural Drawing II]
    Instructors: Gail Dubrow, Ph.D. & Nanching Tai

    Project: Paraline Shadow Studies
    Media: Mechanical Pencil, Colored Pencils
    Date Completed: 2007, April 13th

    1. leileilol


      Pretty bad? More like pretty NOT AASHITY!. You don't need to clean up your lines before you paint, and then then come back with a more less readable picture

    2. Bucket


      Well, the top right one is obviously wrong. Otherwise, good.

    3. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      The light source has an altitude of 45 degrees and an azimuth of 0 degree with respect to the ground, which is oblique in perspective. The yellow surfaces receive no light. The construction lines of the shadows are obvious so the viewer (and my professors) can have understanding of the light calculations without redoing it themselves.

      Working with that information, I don't see any miscalculation with the top-right subject.