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  1. My finals are over. It’s past midnight, I’m tired, but can’t sleep.

    Many of you have been through this before: you chose a major, but changed your mind after seeing it through and through.

    I’ve seen it, and I don’t want it: architecture will not be my future. Sitting in a studio and sketching out some quasi-resemblance of a structure for six hours without human interaction is not my ideal career, I will not do it.

    I can do it once, but if asked again, I'd decline the offer.

    Not only do I lack the motivation, my poor motor skills and relatively poor drawing ability (compared to the rest of the architects) doesn’t make me very competitive for this major.

    Every single architecture class I’ve taken in the past--excluding studio sessions--have all resulted in 3.7+, so I wasn’t a bad student. But what happens when I actually “practice” architecture i.e. sketching stuff out and building models? It’s not good enough. My hand drawings can be described as shaky and my models simplistic at best.

    I cared enough in the past to create no less than six hundred notecards for ARCH-351. I cared enough in the past to spend thirty-hour weeks in the darkroom of ARCH-410. I cared enough in the past to not only prepare for the finals months in advance, but to pull the academic weight of no less than three of my classmates as well. What went wrong? I stopped caring.

    I don’t care about working with wood, glue, paper, or color pencils. I don’t care about the spatial quality of structures (actually I do but I’d rather it be done on AutoCAD instead of having to draw it out like a slave). Most of all, I don’t care for sitting on my bottom hunched at a sketch twenty hours a week to get mediocre grades for a four-credit class that takes the fun out of drawing. There is a thing called a computer that I can make better stuff with a tenth of the effort. I’ve have had it.

    My grades took a hit in the studio class of winter 2007. Learning from that mistake, I took precaution to take the sting out of the current spring 2007 studio class: I arranged with the instructor several days ago for N/NS credit grading, protecting my GPA in the process. If something is harmful, like an infected limb, tumor, or in this case bad grades, it needs to be surgically removed. Period.

    As much as I hate the ARCH studio classes, I’m glad they pushed me so hard, because now I know for sure that my goal in the future is NOT architecture.

    Despite this setback, I have one less thing to be unclear about. A mile-long academic resume listing a dozen leadership and volunteer services backed up by an academic transcript full of rigorous math and physics classes makes it easy for me to assimilate into difficult science-related majors as well as nabbing a few scholarships here and there… In which case, let’s end this on a high note: Finals are done, and I’m going be paid for research this summer!

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    2. Bucket


      Bloodshedder said:

      Weird Al majored in architecture.

      Yeah, well, only because it was the first major on the list.

    3. Technician


      I'm thinking the same about my program.

    4. Bloodshedder


      Bucket said:

      Yeah, well, only because it was the first major on the list.

      Probably not.