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  1. Wednesday night, I found time to upload my latest journal entry:

    Time: 2007, June 4th, 09:00
    Event: Howard University Medical Center Tour
    Location: Howard University, Washington D.C.

    You know that getting pimped is bad, right? You don’t even need to know Ebonics to know that getting pimped is bad. Getting pimped is the equivalent of being trained. What does “getting pimped” have to do with my research at Howard? Everything.

    Graduate Mentors & Ph.D. Candidates: Wayne Johnson in the black shirt, Andrea Allen in the lab coat.

    Andrea Allen is a Ph.D. Candidate and one of my two graduate mentors. She took the Amgen students for a tour of the laboratories at the Howard University Medical Center, guided us through the genetics and pharmacology lab, went over safety procedures, research projects, and near the end of tour, reminded us this:

    --- --- ---

    When you do research in your assigned labs with the grad students, be sure not to Get ‘Pimped.

    Huy: What does “Getting ‘Pimped” mean?

    Andrea: Getting ‘Pimped is when graduate students get free labor from you. They’ll try to get work out of you on their projects.

    Huy: How would you know when you’re Getting ‘Pimped?

    Andrea: Once you’re settled in the labs, you’ll have pretty good sense of what’s going on. When you’re told to do the same thing over and over again without a good reason, that’s a sign of Getting ‘Pimped. Don’t let them take advantage of you. If you feel like you’re Getting ‘Pimped, tell Wayne or myself.
    --- --- ---

    Needless to say, there were giggling in the crowd and I could barely keep a straight face.

    This concept of getting pimped is nothing new; if you’ve done all the work in a group project while your buddies contributed diddly squat, something is definitely going on.

    I’ve pimped a lab partner before. Back in 10th grade biology, our assignment was to dissect and document a formaldehyde-soaked rat in pairs, but I was too grossed out for necropsy and convinced my partner to play the forensic pathologist instead. I did volunteer to write up the entire lab report though.

    Of getting pimped, nine of ten instances in the classroom, I’m the one who has to labor every single damn detail with group projects… especially in social studies and math, especially when I’m assigned mongo slacker partners. I guess that’s why I’m getting paid to do research and they’re not. Flaky partners are no fun to work with. Die.

    Notes taken during the tour, included is a minute sketch of Andrea.

    Written from June 4th, my lab research starts tomorrow and I’ll keep Andrea’s sound advice. Getting pimped may be a bad thing, but Karma on Karma: it works both ways!