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  1. I just realized that Ultra-Violence is a wordplay on ultraviolet... lawl

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    2. myk


      Bucket said:
      I like how his text has to be bigger than everyone else's.

      Heh, nah, I think something may have broke when they moved the forum from YaBB to SMF. Note how it also happened to Thrasher's post, which also includes a quote.

    3. deathbringer


      But Ultraviolet only came out in 2005 and Doom in 1992!!!![/Thick fucking videogame moron]

      Also the world "Ultraviolence" was used in A Clockwork Orange, definitley the film and probably the book

    4. Bucket


      "Ultraviolet" has nothing to do with ultraviolence.
      Why would Romero go "Ooh, I like this word because it sounds like a color!"?