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  1. My sister is a Micro$oft employee; I buy their stuff with discount.
    Notice that none of the games or even the system is opened, and I've had them for over a week now... I think I'm starting to be mature and responsible... lawl

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    2. Infinite Ammunition

      Infinite Ammunition

      AirRaid said:

      How does $2000 every 2 and a half months = a cheap bed? O_O


      though i have to ask, where the hell are you buying gloves that cost $50

    3. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      AirRaid said:

      How does $2000 every 2 and a half months = a cheap bed? O_O

      The price is expensive yes but the mattress quality is shit.
      Seriously though... $2000 is just for room and board not counting tuition, which is another $2000... $4000 every quarter.

      ... Still haven't touched my X360 yet... and frankly, I have absolutely zero urge to do so unless I'm in my room twiddling my thumbs with nothing better to do...

      Ever since my bout with genetic research over the summer, I'd prefer making scientific diagrams over playing Halo3, is that wrong? I mean, I still enjoy video games, make no mistake about it... it's just that... can't figure out why...

    4. Coopersville


      Wanting to do anything besides playing Halo 3 is wrong. Seek help.