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  1. Searching for a decent Webhosting/Filehosting Service, and I'm willing to pay for it...

    + At least 5GB disk space
    + At least 10,000 GB bandwidth
    + At least 100 MB max file upload size, this is fucking important: DVII is fucking huge... Yahoo Small Business' gay little 5 meg upload limit isn't going to cut it...

    Many of you have experience with paid web hosting, I have none, any suggestions?

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    2. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      True when I release the first edition of DVII, from the textfile:

      [2.1 Differing Versions of DVII]

      There are two versions of DVII: First Edition floating around the net,
      differing only in terms of music distribution. Demo playback and levelwise, they are all identical. The breakdown of the specific differences in each version...

      DVII-1i.wad: The Idgames Archive Edition of DVII. The MP3 files that are present in DVII-1i are free SPC music files converted to MP3s. The music in this version meet the conditions of files uploaded to the Idgames Archive.

      DVII-1u.wad: The Ultimate Edition of DVII, this version has the ideal soundtracks for Map12, Map20, and Map22 in epic MP3s. It makes a HUGE difference in terms of ingame atmosphere. This is the best and preferred version of DVII in the author's eyes.

      DVII-1u.wad can be obtained by specifically emailing the author (BusyBeaverHP@GMail.com) requesting a copy of such.

      Note that DVII: First Edition isn't a demo, it's a full on mod with a beginning and ending, just that I reserve the right to come back with a second, third, ith... and final edition that has additional levels and turn it into a megawad.

      The 3 additional MP3s included in DVII-1u will not be suitable for the idgames archive, therefore, I need to host DVII-1u somewhere else.

    3. myk


      In that case I'd do like in the classic megawads from the 90s; release DVII-1.wad (on /idgames), and DVII-mus.wad (with just the 3 MP3s, on the site) with the URL to it on the main wad's text file.

      Doom2.net would be a nice host for it, but I'm afraid it tends to be down sometimes, unfortunately, (as it is now, unless it recovered).

    4. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      Your idea sounds feasible myk, but on principle of keeping all gameplay content (including music) in a single neat file, I'm not too inclined on creating DVII-mus.wad.

      DVII-1i will be guaranteed in the iDgames Archive, but DVII-1u will need to find another home.

      I emailed Doom2.net's admins a couple of weeks ago with the subject of hosting DVII and haven't seen a reply. I'm guessing no one is going to be very happy with hosting this mod, considering the amount of bandwidth it will drain.

      InfernoHost sounds good, but 10GB bandwidth will only allow for about 140 downloads of a 70 MB file. Perhaps creating several accounts will suffice?

      I'm seriously considering StartLogic as webhost and domain provider. I'm searching for the file upload size limitation on Startlogic and so far haven't found anything about it. Unless I know the file size limitation, I'm hesitant to sign up for it.