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  1. Date: 2008, May 18th
    Location: Alpental, Washington
    Elevation: 3200+ feet above sea level

    Skiing is like Doom Speedrunning in real life, Skiing is like Doom Speedrunning, Skiing IS DOOMSPEEDRUNNING.

    Heh, from where I'm standing, it's like looking at the start of AV29, only with snow... could make a map like this and call it "Ski with ME!" for DVII: Second Edition... oops, I've said too much... heh.

    No time to think, no going back!

    I was going sooo fast... ski patrol be like, slooowww down, and I'd be like, FUCK YOU! and speed away to the parking lot!

    ... just kidding. That would fucking awesome if it happened tho!

    -Turbo 255, my GPS system clocked me at 63 mph.

    With some of the most difficult runs in Washington, this mountain IS the inspiration for DVII: Map13, except without Cyberdemons.

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    2. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      Gimme a break, his dad's been shooting sperms with missing chromosomes.

    3. myk


      I see, skiing is like speedrunning, but then professional photography is like deathmatch.

    4. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      Pretty much, photography gets far more competitive when you're vying to post your work on magazine covers and win clients...