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  1. Tired of Doom Builder 2 sledging my laptop to a crawl (65k segs being saved into a 270 MB wad will clog a 5400 RPM drive), I decided to upgrade into something that will run Photoshop, Illustrator, Doom Builder 2, and a gazillion FireFoxes at the same time with Winamp on, to increase my mapping efficiency... that and uh... I'd like to romp Crysis with maxed out settings... heh

    Those fans are totally justified in the next screen...

    Because overclocking generates serious heat.

    Built with 45nm processes, the i7 920 requires less voltage than their 55nm Core 2 predecessors, which translates to less power consumption, less heat, and ultimately, better overclocking potential.

    My i7 920 was gotten for $250 shipped. I did a little research and tried my hand at OC'ing for once. Got it rock stable at 3.8 GHz, any higher would result in Vista not posting. At this speed, it outperformed even Intel's own $1000 flagship processor...

    Intel Core i7 920 Overclocking

    ...As the benchmark results show, there was quite a large performance delta that separated the stock Core i7 920 and the 965 Extreme. In every single test, the Core i7 965 Extreme outperformed the stock Core i7 920 by a sizable margin. With our Core i7 920 processor overclocked from 2.66GHz to 3.8GHz, however, the tables were completely turned. Our modded and overclocked system outpaced the Core i7 965 Extreme by margins ranging from 4.66% to as high at 15.63%...


    *With the Hyper Threading feature turned on, each of the i7's four cores can process two threads at once, showing up as 8 cores on Vista's CPU monitor.

    *11 fans running keeps the overclocked core idle at 40c and 60c load.

    *Stock voltage for the i7 920 @ 2.66 GHz is reported to be about 1.1-1.2V. My 3.8 GHz OC is stable at 1.25V. Easiest GHz gain ever.

    *Multi-GPU scaling for the dual HD 4890s in Crossfire mode @1080p produces a 193% increase in performance versus a single card. Near perfect performance scaling...

    *The Half-Life 2: Lost Coast stress test with everything maxed out with 4xAA on 1080p resolution reported 212 fps avg.


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    2. Use


      Doom Marine said:

      the question speaks more about you than about me, buddy :)

      What's it say about me? I have better things to do? Ok. But keep your peep in you pants, I'm just busting balls.

    3. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      uh huh, better things than busting people's balls on doomworld forum? yeah right

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Doom Marine said:

      1920x1080 at 21 inches or 27, is still 1920x1080. The advantage to having 1080p packed into 21" is super-sharp clarity: 101 pixels/inch FTW.

      Yeah. Not only that but it also makes it easier to keep up with everything on the screen.