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  1. Thermodynamics, it doesn't fulfill anything of my Microbiology requirements. I already have three science classes (Biochem 405, Microbio 410, Microbio Lab). The only rationale behind this move is 100% mental masturbation.

    Mike, you're finishing DVII you cuntbag; download DB2 and learn something for once.

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    2. Bucket
    3. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      Fredrik said:

      Have fun.

      I thought the thermodynamics course I took was a pretty hard to study for, though the exam turned out to be fairly easy. It was actually a combined course in thermodynamics and statistical physics (which are intimately related) that went all the way from the various thermodynamic variables and ensembles to Bose and Fermi statistics and the Debye model (it was parallel with the quantum physics intro course).

      The pure "thermodynamics" part wasn't conceptually very different from high school chemistry/physics (and there was some fun lab work), but of course done much more rigorously. The statistical formalism for thermodynamics is quite abstract; not exactly difficult, but compared to many other physics courses, it requires a slightly different mindset, and can take a while to wrap your head around.

      It's not too rigorous right now and looking ahead into the chapters covered, it's threading on familiar grounds and nothing that I haven't seen before, just covered more rigorously than say, chemistry.

      Although there was a challenging problem in one of my current homework that deals with finding out the pressure of the atmosphere as a function of height, from first principles. With some help from my professor, it was pretty obvious after the solution was found.

      So far, virtually anyone can understand ideal gas and kinetic theory. Looking at the schedule and briefly looking over how it's covered in the book, this is one class for my enjoyment and I come to it under my own compulsion.

    4. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      Csonicgo said:

      Maybe you'll find out how much hot air is in your posts!

      Not as much hot air as the space between your head!