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  1. ATTN all skiers/snowboarders, for a good time visit me!**

    **Except Craigs, he will be evicted from the ski area as I have notified ski patrol of his registered sex offence.

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    2. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      Grazza said:

      Huh? You bought Fritz 12? Why? It was little advance over Fritz 11, and the free Rybka 2 is still at least as good. And if you're going to spend money on a chess engine, Rybka 3 is about 150 Elo points better.

      I'll eventually get around to skiing Washington State (assuming that's where you are), but I recall it having a wash-out season not so long ago, which is a little off-putting.

      That was just a silly joke; I have only owned Fritz 7 and Chessmaster 10th edition during my active tournament years, and thought it sufficient for post-game analysis at my level of play (1800 +/-). I have used the free version of Rybka as well.

      As for skiing in Washington, we get around 635-1270 cm of snow a year depending on the El Nino (bad) or La Nina (good) cycle* ... Don't let me fool you on the snowfall amount, here are the hard numbers: http://passtimes.us/snowfall_1994_2002.html

      In a sub-par El Nino season like this one, we still get our fair share of powder days. I had my powder skis (105mm underfoot) last Wednesday and got plenty of bottomless... being a local and knowing the stashes after a storm helps too.

      http://cascadecrud.com/ is the site I use to track the storms.


      Have you been to Whistler-Blackcomb by any chance?

    3. Grazza


      Doom Marine said:

      Have you been to Whistler-Blackcomb by any chance?

      Yes, in January 1998, IIRC. Good mountains, but the snow was a bit wet in places. I wimped out of Blowhole.

    4. Danarchy


      Heh, I haven't been to Snoqualmie since like 1997. I didn't recognize it in the pics. Went there once when I was in boy scouts. Nearly froze to death. I went to Whistler-Blackcombe once just sightseeing and I went to Crystal Mountain on the off-season just to ride the lift up (and it has an AMAZING view of Rainier up there). For the record, I've never skied in my life. Never had the drive or the money.