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  1. DeAdLy_cOoKiE


    That's the most obvious people will take reference from. No doubt we'll be seeing a lot of old doom maps redone.
  2. DeAdLy_cOoKiE


    Mod artist/level designers, check out the art/level design of Amiga classic Alien Breed series (I recommend Alien Breed Tower Assault) before doing your stuff. Believe it or not, there was a time that 3D cards/games didn't exist yet. The games that were 2D are well done (energy was focused on art/level design mostly). There are classics among them to take example from. Thx.
  3. DeAdLy_cOoKiE

    My first impressions

    Based from what I've seen thus far: I've seen the vids/live feed, which look fuzzy but OK. I KNOW how awesome it looks because of the Alpha I've played. That said. The sounds (weapons) are somewhat dissapointing, especially for a 'blockbuster' of a game. I reckon mod developers will find better sounds. PDA email samples are great. The levels seem big, much bigger than I expected, which is a good, very good =), makes up for the linearity. Flashlights aren't square shaped. The Toilet bit from the Aplha better be in the game, would be stupid to leave out. I expected more gibbing ala Quake 3. Killing first boss is easy. Levels load relatively fast =). Laser scan seems to go 'through' the character? A lot of shooting, and shooting. I'm curious about Multiplayer. I hope it'll be good, I expect a lot of beautiful and interesting 3rd party MP maps. Not sure, it looks as if the shadow disappears when an enemy is dissolving? Overall, I'm pleased with it (still, nothing beats the Halflife-experience. Maybe Halflife 2?), happy that it's done, and I'm looking forward to play the game. My 2 cents.
  4. DeAdLy_cOoKiE

    Live feed of some guy playing Doom 3 *Needs Winamp*

    Yup the game is great, levels are big too! Too bad he cut off the feed. Thx dude, whoever you are.
  5. DeAdLy_cOoKiE

    Well it's been leaked

    New games (esp. popular ones) always get leaked on internet. It is inevitable. Shame if it would hurt the sales though, then again, good games are worth buying. So. Buy the game.
  6. DeAdLy_cOoKiE

    just a little idea......

    I would love to see those flying balls (from the movie Phantasm)in doom 3, hovering through corridors, that when spotted, fly towards you at high velocity and attach to your forhead, nestling themselves into your brain.
  7. DeAdLy_cOoKiE

    17 things you may not know about Doom 3

    Are all monsters doing a return in Doom III? Haven't seen any screenshots of for instance, the Cacao-Demon. This is one of my favorites, and should definately be in the game. And yes it's a bit of a shame that the monsters AI don't respond to shadows, or at least one or two types of monsters.
  8. DeAdLy_cOoKiE

    Just a comment regarding flashlight

    I have no problems with the flashlight... I think it's OK actually. I think the particles could need some improvement though... I've seen better
  9. DeAdLy_cOoKiE

    New article

    No new info or screenshots, I suppose... Still, if there are leaked, unofficial screenshots out there, I'd like to know... I have email.. Are there? I've read about Quake IV shots as well ?!?!
  10. DeAdLy_cOoKiE

    Doom III suggestions/future engines

    I've just visited a site with a bunch of interesting screenshots: http://www.tenebrae2.com/tb2_screenshots.html I know little about it, but, it's definately worth checking out. It looks very similar to Doom III. Take a look at this screenshot: http://www.tenebrae2.com/screenshots/tenebrae2_tb-base_07.jpg It looks like an elevator, exactly the type of elevators I would hope to see in Doom III. Note the 'level 2' sign on the wall, and the (typical sci-fi) yellow/black stripes on the elevator platform. Great shot. Hopefully cards can render scenes like this in a few years: http://files.back2roots.org/p/g6_17.jpg
  11. DeAdLy_cOoKiE

    Tenebrae Quake uses Doom 3 Tech. ?!

    Check out the screenshots of tenebrae2: http://www.tenebrae2.com/tb2_screenshots.html
  12. DeAdLy_cOoKiE

    Tool doing a song

    Well it was all over the net that Trent Reznor bailed out. That he's NOT going to do the music/sfx. Makes no sense Frederik. I'm pretty sure, if Tool is doing a song, it would be a 'stand-alone' song, not neccesarily with lyrics (if it has lyrics) refering to Doom, but rather in context with the game. I'm confident that they know what they're doing, that they would make it moody - they're speciality - instead of angry, and it'd suit the game very well. I usually turn off the music in games as well, it's distracting most of the time. Except for a few games, for instance flashback (old amiga game), which made the game perfect - it was used in cut-scenes mostly. But I'm very pleased with the music in Halflife 2, it sets the mood just perfectly.
  13. DeAdLy_cOoKiE


    To me immersiveness is achieved by clever, realistic level design. Realistic corridors and rooms, multiple ways to reach a certain room or area. Elevators taking you to random floors (without loading). The more linear a game is, the immersiveness experience will suffer. I like large levels. And NO loading times. I like a WORLD to wander about. Some games that achieved the immersiveness-part for me: Armour-Geddon Exile Midwinter Warhead Inferno System Shock 1/2 and ofcourse Halflife (!)
  14. DeAdLy_cOoKiE

    Tool doing a song

    I hope this is true! Tool is an awesome band. Perfect for doing music for a game like Doom III (perhaps ever more so than NIN), since they make very very moody stuff. Just listen to 'sober' - my #1 favourite of their songs. The lyrics, the sound.... Great stuff... Again, I hope it's true... Can anyone confirm?.... Doom III + Tool mix very well...
  15. DeAdLy_cOoKiE

    Doom III suggestions/future engines

    Some ideas I came up with, that 'could' be nice to see in Doom III: - Dum-dum bullets for the pistol; the pistol seems to be a fairly weak weapon, it would be nice if there were special, more powerful bullets to be found in the world. I was thinking of dum-dum bullets, penetrating an enemy before exploding - weakening them, showing the inflicted wounds. Maybe a flamethrower as a special weapon would turn out to be rather nice as well. Or the ability to blow up certain doors, or weak walls with grenades. Also, I would like to see a more drastic effect when an enemy is hit by a for instance a rocket - gibs. And ofcourse the ability to control the force by which a grenade is thrown by holding down the mouse button. - Heartbeat sensor on the HUD (protection suit); this would add greatly to the atmosphere in Doom III. Accompanied by sound, the rate would get faster if any action is involved or when something drastic is about to happen when you are walking through a dim lit corridor, or when your energy is very low. Ofcourse a beep sound effect if you're dead. The suit's voice could alarm you if you're low on health, or if you're entering a radioactive area. - Flashback cut-scenes; it would be nice to see one or two flash-back cut-scenes during play (or a scream sound effect), explaining the story (what happened on that specific location) as you go. Perhaps recorded vid-data found on PDA's of dead people, which you can playback on your PDA, or terminal. - Terminals placed throughout the complex; fully interactive, for you to gather information, enter codes to gain access to certain areas. Or perhaps reload the energy of your protection suit. - The ability to board a train; it would be nice have a 'pause' during the game, where the train leaves off to a new section, allowing you to view the scenery, or even outdoor settings (gaze at a rotating bumpmapped planet in the sky). - Base defense system; computer controlled robots, lasers (scanning area/tracking you; a 'red dot' lock-on-target blurring your vision, for you to get out fast (within a sec) - intant dead if you fail), sentry guns, laser blocked passages (laser walls). - Portals; transport yourself to a different location, instantaniously by walking through a 'portal'. Imagine a doorway/mirror-like artifact located in the middle of a dark empty room (closed backside, walk around it), with lightrays/shadows (from 'the other side' falling through - which you can look through, looking into another world, literally. A passage you can simply walk through to reach a diffent part of the world or hell, whereever the second portal is located (even different levels), seamless. No special effects, just a passage. - Various structures/locations; military, civilian, storage, science, engeneering, security facilities/buildings, each having their own architectural dispicancies/art. For instance recreation areas (swimming pool/basketball court), cabins, hospitals, detention areas, a hologram room, an undergound cave system, rivers of blood or lava, etc. - Outdoor level features; fences, generators, minefields, passages to sub-surface areas (storage), bumpmapped rotating planet in the sky. Perhaps a buggy vehicle (or small jeep - dices swinging underneath the mirror). - Blood responding to bumpmaps; A very subtle effect of blood running down (a bit - until it dries) between cracks on walls/floors, with information taken from the bumpmaps. 'Thickness' and the 'amount' of the fluid as parameters. Maybe footprints if blood is still fresh. Imagine stumbling upon a trail of footprints (or hints on walls) you'd have to follow, different with each game. - Stamina feature; the ability to run, for a short period, perhaps accompanied by samples of your character breathing faster. - Last but not least (as a token of...); A 'DeAdLy_cOoKiE (or Conrad) was here' in a marine's locker underneath a female poster (or somewhere). Or the word 'hardwired' in context with a terminal, or a character named 'conrad' if some of the above is used. Yeah, well...