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Posts posted by twistedhydrgoen

  1. IMO, these mods are really great, project brutality and brutal doom are pretty good, but I don't really like to play them.
    I like to play the vanilla doom more than mods, maps aren't included, I don't say that I despise them, they are good wads, really are!
    but I just don't like that much gore and modernized doom I and II.

    But, I'm not stopping you from playing them, feel free too! I won't judge you on what doom wad you play, you do you.

  2. Oh yeah, its a twist, you might have saw my other post about whats your most hated demon in doom.

    It exploded and got in the front page!

    Any who, lets continue

    Mine is the Cacodemon It's fun to fight him, he has unique animations, and is one of the 3 demons that can fly.


  3. 1 hour ago, Nootrac4571 said:

    I'm mostly just commenting because I want to tell you that I bloody love your avatar.


    But yes! Sign of Evil. When I played Doom back in the 90s I had an Adlib card, and it sounded like this:



    It's not how the track was intended to sound - on better soundcards that strange "plink" noise is a drum - but that's how I first heard it. I interpreted it as a something like a violin string pluck, and every other version just sounds wrong to me.


    I will go to my grave insisting that this is the best version of the song.


    It sounds very futuristic to me lol.

  4. 1 hour ago, Lüt said:

    From the DOS prompt.Type: doom -record demoname.lmp


    If you want to jump to a specific map and skill level, add it to the command line, like this:


    For Doom, type: doom -warp 1 1 -skill 4 -record demoname.lmp

    For Doom 2, type: doom2 -warp 01 -skill 4 -record demoname.lmp


    The "warp" parameter uses the values episode (1-4) and level (1-9) for Doom, and map number (01-32) for Doom 2. The "skill" parameter selects the difficulty setting (1-5), with 4 being the most common, Ultra-Violence.


    If you're recording with a port, substitute that port's name for "doom" or "doom 2."


    For example, if you want to record with Eternity, type: eternity -warp 1 1 -skill 4 -record demoname.lmp


    Then when you exit the program, it should give a message "Demo demoname.lmp recorded," and the file should be in the directory you ran the game from.

    Does it work with ultimate doom aswell?

  5. How do I record a demo? Need some help ovah' here.
    Apologies for my lack of knowledge, I'm new to doom so yeh
    I'm also talking about the og doom's from the '90s (DooM & DooM 2)
    (by the way, I use GZDooM as my port)