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Status Updates posted by instagib

  1. I leave for 5 seconds and have 80 notifications lmao

  2. Hello, it’s been a really long time. I’m returning because I wish to document my journey to being a good mapper for doom 2.

    1. instagib


      Im going to post every map I finish right here

    2. instagib


      btw, if it weren't for doomworld and all the nice people here I wouldn't have a life on the internet


  3. Chicken oooh chicken, grant me your wishes

  4. scout is the kinda guy who would be frightened by an ant and later say that he destroyed the ant with a flamethrower because he's a "man"....and that's why I love him.

  5. yo it's me, the salty member who complains like a baby

  6. Bruh school starts Tomorrow.

    1. Chip


      For you, maybe. I get to wait until sept. 1!

  7. I play the soldier class in the team defense fort 2 video game.

    1. Scrumpee


      medic main! got bad burnout so I haven't played in a couple weeks, the game is exhausting sometimes

  8. GG

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    2. instagib


      ive been good, mostly just making art. i did not make my pfp btw. what did i miss?

    3. Chip


      I think the biggest thing's been this

      There are a few other things, too. there is the DOOM Master Wadazine.


      there is also the SNES port that was released. 


      there is a lot more that happened, but this is the basics. great to have you back!




    4. instagib
  9. well i havent been here in a while

  10. 2 things, who else here is german and sub to me on youtube (instagib doomworld)

  11. hows everyone doing

    1. DuckReconMajor


      in mansions and benzes
      givin' ends to my friends and it feels stupendous

  12. i have moved on to mapping for valve games. im going to start working on a doom wad,it may be my last wad

    1. instagib


      i dont think i can complete the wad :(

  13. be sure to follow Austinado

  14. sorry i was gone for so long

  15. I lost a megawad

  16. comment "F” because I just lost a whole mega wad after a crash

  17. I'm trying so hard to finish a map but i have so little time which makes most maps get scrapped since they're so rushed

  18. I’ve had a pretty chill day and I feel like making a doom map.any ideas (vanilla doom 2)

  19. hooray doom eternal is out!

  20. I’m back and have been through a lot learning Linux now I’m going for arch Linux

  21. I’m going on hiatus

  22. hello everybody is there any good wads for csdmo out their

  23. aay i had an old account on here but i could not find my password

    1. Lüt


      Did you try the "Forgot your password?" link under the "Sign In" menu?




      If you enter the email you registered the account with, you should be able to set a new password from there.