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  1. Existential question:
    Should I start studying Pygame or Lua + Love2D?

    1. The Bug

      The Bug

      i think doomworld is not the right place to post this...

    2. URROVA


      yeah i know

    3. beast


      Both are syntactically similar, an both are great fun to learn. If you are a fan of Python's list comprehension then you will miss that language feature when using Lua. PyGame is worth learning but is not updated as frequently, whereas LÖVE is continually being improved. On the other hand it is easier to maintain a large project against a stable framework, but if you are just getting started then this point is moot. LÖVE gets you up and running quickly and their wiki is choc full of examples, with a friendly forum community too. I suggest you spend one week learning each by implementing a game from scratch, by then you would know enough of both to make your own informed decision. Making a Tetris clone, for one example, is a known and tried measure for any game programmer learning a new language. Happy learning!