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  1. The end marker of the sprite section should be "S_END" instead of "SS_END". https://www.doomworld.com/tutorials/fx2.php
  2. Sinshu

    Boss monsters not immune to blast damage?

    It seems that PrBoom+ has a special treatment for bouncing grenades. https://github.com/coelckers/prboom-plus/blob/master/prboom2/src/p_map.c#L1890
  3. Sinshu

    HELP! Lost Soul Replacement Corpse Issue

    Choose an arbitrary decoration thing. I use "Tall green pillar (#83)" for instance. Swap all the properties, states, sounds, and flags of "Lost Soul" and "Tall green pillar". Then lost souls will drop when they die. EDIT: This method works only for lost souls which are placed in the map. Pain elementals emit green pillars instead of lost souls.
  4. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Flawed_collision_detection
  5. Since I'm interested in the performance of the rendering engine, I learned a lot of things from your articles. Thank you very much! Regarding the transposed backbuffer, my C# port also uses that technique. I wanted to implement a C# renderer which is exactly the same as the original renderer, but I couldn't fully understand the visplane-based system. So I simplified my renderer by rendering everything vertically, and noticed that transposing the buffer might boost the performance. Probably thanks to the optimization above, my C# port runs as fast as Crispy Doom (at least on my machine) even with the performance disadvantage of managed languages. However, I know that PrBoom+ runs much faster than my implementation. I tried to find the optimization methods in PrBoom+, but the rendering code in PrBoom+ was too complex for me to understand. So I gave up the idea of improving the performance of my port;)
  6. Sinshu

    Managed Doom - A Doom port written in C#

    According to the oldest backup files, it seems that I started this work on Sep. 3, 2019. It therefore took about 11 months to reach the playable state.
  7. Sinshu

    Managed Doom - A Doom port written in C#

    Managed Doom v1.1a is released. https://github.com/sinshu/managed-doom/releases Added MIDI format support (mainly for SIGIL). Added partial DeHackEd support. Added option to disable Y-axis of mouse movement. Fixed some bugs. @slayermbm Now you can disable vertical movement by adding the following line to the cfg file. mouse_disableyaxis = true
  8. Sinshu

    Managed Doom - A Doom port written in C#

    @InDOOMnesia Thank you for the information. I tested the patch, and the flame effect worked fine!
  9. Sinshu

    Managed Doom - A Doom port written in C#

    Adding DeHackEd support. Now Batman Doom seems to work...
  10. Sinshu

    Managed Doom - A Doom port written in C#

    Although there is no long-range plan now, I think DeHackEd support is essential to catch up with other ports.
  11. Sinshu

    Managed Doom - A Doom port written in C#

    @Lobo This port requires .NET Core 3.0 or higher. Since VS 2010 only supports .NET Framework, it's not possible to compile without modification.
  12. Sinshu

    Managed Doom - A Doom port written in C#

    @andrewj In general, if the target C code does not contain tricky pointer arithmetics or macros, it should not be so hard to convert to C#. Regarding the Doom source code, although such tricky parts are not so much, there are lots of array index out of bounds errors especially in the rendering module. These errors are not fatal in C, but the program immediately crashes in C#. It was not easy to consider how these errors can be avoided without performance degradation.
  13. I really respect Mocha Doom, so I tried the same thing for C#. Managed Doom is a Doom source port written in C#. The entire code is manually translated from Linux Doom with some effort to make it natural C# code. Most functionalities necessary for single player game are implemented, and now it's in the playable state. Here is a demo video: GitHub: https://github.com/sinshu/managed-doom
  14. Sinshu

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Progress of my C# port. This time, the following things are implemented. Demo sequence Fuzz effect Palette effect Mouse control Music!!! Now it looks like an ordinary source port!
  15. Sinshu

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Progress of my C# port. I implemented the title screen, menu, status bar, intermission screen and so on. It's nearing completion...