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  1. Swordofdanu

    Beauty is all around.

    Ramsgate, Kent. (I'm lucky enough to live 5 mins from this)
  2. Swordofdanu

    Random Image Thread

  3. Swordofdanu

    Are you metal?

    'I'm just another back street kid Rock 'n Roll music is the only thing I really dig Can't stop the music going round inside my head I'm a rock 'n roll soldier, gonna play it until I'm dead Nobody I know will ever take my rock 'n roll away from me'
  4. Swordofdanu

    Difference between Barons of Hell and Hell Knights

    Different coloured projectiles on D64😅
  5. Swordofdanu

    background music??? or not???

    I listen to Doom remixes either on USB or YT.
  6. Its great to see such acquired taste and legacy passed down. For those interested in retro gaming other than PC, check out Mame And Retropie (you shouldn't need a high spec PC) 🤓When Arcades ruled the gaming scene and consoles and early computers tried to compete🤓
  7. Swordofdanu

    doom eternal switch

    I know
  8. UV Feels unsatisfying on lower settings for me and I end up with a huge stockpile of ammo, but only because I've run through all vanilla maps countless times over the years. I'll drop down to HMP if necessary for wads though😅
  9. Swordofdanu

    List of skins found within the files

    Just seems weird how Eternal's connected to D64 lore wise so you'd think it would of been there with the classic skin. Maybe it's coming in with the DLC?
  10. Swordofdanu

    Loved the BFG 10,000 Scene

    that is a gun, not a teleporter...
  11. Swordofdanu

    List of skins found within the files

    Where's the D64 skin? 🧐
  12. Swordofdanu

    Listening to MIDI on Android

    You know it's weird, I've had that exact same thought for years😅 I'm planning on making my own maps once my PC is up to date(and I've learnt how to!) and Sabbath tracks will be added(although I'll need some help remastering them as a few of them are lacking)
  13. Swordofdanu

    Doom 64 (2020) issues

    Better that than another 20 + years for it to be ported :/
  14. Swordofdanu

    What was your first doom game?

    1st played: Doom II 95 1st bought: Doom 64 on release