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  1. cryoniq

    Congestion 1024 demos [-complevel 9]

    Map06 UV-Max in 0:48.83 - 2406m048.zip
  2. cryoniq

    Swift Death demos [-complevel 9]

    Episode 1 UV-Max in 16:44 - swe1m1644.zip Ripped from failed d2all attempt, which is also attached. Don't mark this as TAS please :D
  3. How ddid you get almost sub 5 minutes here? Very GG :)
  4. Map03 UV-Max in 8:14.49 - icgya03m814.zip Video:
  5. DSDA / /idgames / Doomworld thread aka icgya // icgya.wad I CANT GIVE YOU ANY THING is a set of 29 MBF21 speedmaps, mostly by @Maribo, primarily themed around usage of monocolor textures, HOMs, "ugly/distracting/disorienting" textures like FIREBLU, visual disorientation, perception fuckery, etc. Map01 UV-Max in 4:38 - icgya01m438.zip Video:
  6. cryoniq

    Swift Death demos [-complevel 9]

    Map01 UV-Max Reality in 1:14.63 - sw01m114r.zip Ripped from failed d2all attempt, which is also attached.
  7. cryoniq

    How Often Do You Replay Doom/Doom 2?

  8. DSDA page // Doomworld thread // /idgames It's been a while :) Congratulations @bemused, @Benjogami, @Scotty with the release. Suggested Naming Convention: abXX-YYYY Map11 UV-Max in 52:03.66 - ab11m5203.zip VIdeo:
  9. cryoniq

    Plutonia 2 Demos [-complevel 4]

    Map14 NoMo in 0:30.89 p214o030.zip
  10. Non-Ultimate Doom Map01 UV-Max in 4:08.14 - znud01-408.zip | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ue8botwwsrs Map02 UV-Max in 2:40.54 - znud02-240.zip | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrXJLkwyXmw Map03 UV-Max in 5:02.94 - znud03-502.zip | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asJZ_SIjitY Map04 UV-Max in 9:28.63 - znud04-928.zip | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDmEyRFsCCw Map05 UV-Max in 5:23.51 - znud05-523.zip | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHAx-NcoAvg
  11. cryoniq

    Congestion 1024 demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP30 UV-Max (hopefully - explained things in TXT) in 7:45.49 - 2430-745.zip
  12. cryoniq

    Max Exceptions Debate Thread

    Yea, i tried to do it that way. And only one manc got killed by these cacos. Actually most of the time mancs are killing these cacos and you can rely only on spawned ones. Or on placed cyber but it's also way too unrealistic.
  13. cryoniq

    Congestion 1024 demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP27 UV-Max in 2:42.46 - 2427-242.zip MAP28 UV-Max in 1:47.46 - 2428-147.zip MAP29 UV-Max in 4:45.34 - 2429-445.zip MAP30 UV-Max:
  14. cryoniq

    Winter/Xmas Demos Month

    What a beautiful time to unretire :^) Quantum Strike (Qstrike,wad) MAP04 UV-Max in 0:18.09 - qstrike4-018.zip
  15. cryoniq

    Max Exceptions Debate Thread

    I have a question related to this statement: Specifically, about Another example might be out-of-reach sniper cubbies. Let's take a look at Congestion1024 Map30 layout: There are 6 mancubi marked with red rectangles and they can not be killed as they are out of reach from the player's auto aim. However, this is map30, so it's an IOS map. Theoretically, these mancubi can be killed through monster infighting (for example, cacos spawned by IOS) but it is rather impossible. What should we do in that case? Can we ignore them as written in that statement? Or will that map remain (most likely) non-maxable? Status quo says they're to be ignored, but it might be healthy to discuss that case-by-case so i'm asking for some help.