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  1. slippy3

    damn steam...and fileplanet

    I fricken hate file planet. They were great untill that crappy no good gamespy took over.
  2. slippy3

    Game Freezing Up

    Whats wrong with the latest version of Legacy? I haven't played Legacy in a long time. So it's worse now than ever? Did they add some pointless new effects that make the game crap? Edit: Just testing the edit feature.
  3. slippy3


    You know, I remember someone who got banned for changing around the quotes like that. I never typed "you suck". I only posted a link to a picture that was an attempt to be humorous.
  4. slippy3

    wanna see my pic....

    Don't worry, I have the stuff here. I'm just not sure on how to lite this match... I'll get back to you when I'm done.
  5. slippy3

    Freakiest doom64 track

    When first playing Doom 64, I realized that the Doom look is gone, now replaced by what Midway must of considered "hipper" monsters and textures. If they were going to change the look of Doom, they could of at least made the enemies 3D or something. But instead, they just make the enemies look like peices of cardboard that don't pixelate when you get close to them. The textures, however, seem to pixelate even worse then they did in previous Doom games. The mood isn't really there because of these changes, despite the fact that the sounds of Doom 64 retain the eerie feel we've come to expect from Doom games. Doom 64 also fails to capture the fun of the Doom series. The game is very mediocre at best. There is no difficulty here at all (I beat it the first time around on ultra-violence. I have never liked this version of Doom and never will.
  6. slippy3


    Thanks! I thought maybe it had been abandoned.
  7. slippy3

    Preferred weapon

    Whats with the cussing? :(
  8. slippy3

    a little old school shot for you..

    ok, sorry I'll try harder.
  9. slippy3

    a little old school shot for you..

    Sorry, I was just curious if he playes Starcraft.
  10. slippy3


    You can download full versions of Doom, Heretic, Hexen, etc. here: Id Games You don't even have to pay for them either!
  11. slippy3

    a little old school shot for you..

    I noticed that you have Starcraft listed in your quicklaunch bar. Did you play Starcraft a lot?
  12. slippy3

    Game Freezing Up

    Ignore my last post. That was my idiot friend that posted it. Sometimes he makes me mad.
  13. slippy3

    Game Freezing Up

    Use Jdoom. It has some of the most modern day features and graphics in any Doom port. Here are some of the features of it: Supports OpenGL and Direct3D for crisp, hardware accelerated graphics. 3D models (Quake's MD2 format) can be used instead of sprites. Object and camera movement smoothing. Simple shadows for objects. Dynamic light effects and lens flares. Particle effects. 3D sound effects with DirectSound3D and EAX 2.0 or A3D 3.0. Also supports EAX's and A3D's environmental sound effects. High-resolution textures (PNG, TGA, PCX) and detail textures. 16-player client/server networking via TCP/IP, IPX, modem and serial link. Easy to use Control Panel for configuration, accessed quickly with Shift-Esc. Console for modifying settings and giving commands. Utilizes FMOD to play a wide variety of music files, for example MP3, MOD and IT. Uses plain text definition files for some game data such as thing types and states, sound and music information, level configuration (sky, fog, gravity) and text strings. I would highly recommend using this port to play Doom.
  14. what the crap is a blog?

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    2. Ultraviolet


      If he didn't auto-subscribe to this thread then he'll probably never see that because the blogs forum isn't linked to from the index. Haha.

      EDIT: I see you're reading blog posts again, Julian.

    3. Julian


      Ultraviolet said:
      EDIT: I see you're reading blog posts again, Julian.

      So are you :P

    4. Ultraviolet
  15. slippy3


    hmmm, anyone know what happened to the community chest project?