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  1. Doritosking

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Hello everyone im trying to find a creepy/crappy wad featured in one of aquarius199 videos, it's not in youtube anymore, the name of the wad started with vlaew and some numbers next to the title, the wad was for doom 2 and it had a picture of some creepy guy with a hat in the title, he also kills you with one shot after going through some new entrance in the yard from the first level and that's it
  2. Doritosking

    Threshold Of Pain II - ACT 2 RELEASED

    @scalliano pls
  3. Does anyone know where can i get this mod? I just found out it exists and i really like console tc's because of the atmosphere sound and lightning, it's a shame most of the quake forums are dead.