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Status Updates posted by cycloid

  1. "and hasn't for 3 months..."

    Thanks guys for pointing that out


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    2. Kyka


      Just for the record, Super Jamie was not an a-hole. Though I freely admit, his exit was not the most gracious I have seen.

      And perhaps I should give you the benefit of the doubt, as possibly your understanding of the term 'a-hole' is radically different from my own much more negative interpretation. Possibly you intended the 'a' to mean 'awesomesauce', or something.

      Though upon reflection, being called an 'awesomesaucehole' is not much of an improvement.

      And on topic, you would most likely pronounce cyc as in cycle or 'psych'.

      Also, there was something about a website.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      I didn't mean it in a hateful way, just annoyed. He really didn't have to delete that picture to help make his point. It was funny. And I'm too lazy to make my own.

    4. Kyka


      DuckReconMajor said:

      I didn't mean it in a hateful way, just annoyed.

      I know. I was just messing around.

  2. That's right in 1 week to 10 days time (pending delivery of a couple of 160GB HDs) i'm finally taking the plunge into the twenty, er, th, century and upgrading my beloved endlessly tweaked 98SE machine to 2000:Professional (another machine is already 2000:Server, i do know how to use it, just don't for leisure-windowsing).

    Of course, the very existence of chocolate doom has helped me make this gargantuan leap forward. Anyone got any advice (aside from: build yourself a Pentium 133mmx box to play dos games on properly), aside from "download all the drivers first, fool"

    BTW: pentium 4 , 2.8 ghx ... should be able to handle the upgrade :-)

    BTW2: it already dual boots ubuntu, which will not change, just need to remember to back that partition up too!

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    2. Csonicgo


      Windows XP; the last good Windows OS

    3. Bucket


      Not quite. Windows Server 2003 is excellent, as is Tablet Edition. I'm sure Vista will be the same once they get it patched.

    4. GGG


      You dear dear man, you're one of us beautiful people now.

  3. Yup, after borrowing, stealing or sneaking internet for nearly two whole years i've only gone and paid money to have my own personal connection again (having babies was tight on the budget!). no more burning cds full of $TheInternet at work to bring home or transferring doom wads,demos and screenshots to work/the library via floppy disk.

    So, apart from arguing about kdizd, what's happening?

    I see no new demos for scimitar.wad, tut tut

    oh, and i'm nearly finished on my next (smaller) project, expect an update, oh, eventually.

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    2. GGG


      You need to move to where you can pick up the net from some sap's unencrypted router.

    3. cycloid


      I just did move, to a tiny village that for no apparent reason a fat BT phone exchange about 100m from my house. needless to say my 8mb connection is pretty low on contention :-)

    4. doom2day


      Welcome home then! (Even though 'stealing' the internet seems impossible)

  4. hello, i've not died or emigrated or anything but alas the firewall at work was turned up to eleven a few months ago so in the library doing a whole bunch of crap on ebay/paypal that got left hanging! anyway, will get broadband finally sorted in the next month or two and i'll be back. heh. now to read my new posts, bet that's a big list!

    (no point anyone replying i've only got ten mins left!)

    see yer all later


  5. Moved house, gained a new daughter (31st Oct, Eleanor). But i see no Newstuff for the past two weeks, what gives? where's the scathing deathzor review of my beloved scimitar.wad?

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    2. Doom_user


      I wouldn't be too concerned, from what I've seen, this happens quite frequently. There won't be a new newstuff for about 3 weeks and then there will suddenly be 3 new newstuffs in about 3 days.

    3. deathz0r


      It's delayed, there's a reason, I can't be bothered saying said reason. Expect a team-up next Sunday when I do the reviews with AlexMax. I've already downloaded the stuff I would have reviewed last Sunday and your WAD is among them.

      Doom_user said:

      I wouldn't be too concerned, from what I've seen, this happens quite frequently. There won't be a new newstuff for about 3 weeks and then there will suddenly be 3 new newstuffs in about 3 days.

      That's only happened once. Way to be an expert on the subject.

    4. Mordeth
  6. right now, well, leaving work today, getting hitched 3pm saturday. that's right kids: half time england vs paraguay, i'm really popular with my brothers because of that, not, no wander the saturday afternoon slot was empty, we had no idea, heh.

    anyway wish me luck, then we're off for our honeymoon for a week, taking the little hellspawn to a cottage in wales. that's right, scant little electrisity and not even telly reception, i've also been informed that the mobile coverage is basically zero. oh dear.

    so beta test my wad (see wad's and mods) and i'll see you all monday 19th


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    2. AndrewB


      The more the merrier

    3. cycloid


      Linguica said:

      In a cottage with your children present?

      she's one, and goes to bed quite early in the evening, y'know ;-)

      found plenty of pubs to eat and drink at during the day, did some actual sight seeing one day, went to the seaside another and generally spent the rest of the time doing bugger all but sitting outside grilling burgers. ace. just have to shuffle through 500+ emails, probably 99% junk, ho hum.

    4. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Linguica said:

      In a cottage with your children present?

      To be fair I didn't really read the thread.

  7. http://www.cyclomedia.co.uk/doom/

    bored at work = finally got around to coding a site engine.

    [stop here if you dont give a monkeys]

    actually it's much like a blog engine, allows people to add comments to news articles, basically.

    [stop here if you're not a web tech nerd]

    i'll be adding this functionality to the other parts of my site (my personal blog with baby photos! and the techie ASP main site) though that will be a bit more difficult as i wont really have the luxury of bashing it together from scratch.

    but yeah, i have three seperate web sites hosted in that web space and i coded database engines for them all.. and they're all completely different and incompatible! someone at MS should give me a job :-)

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    2. myk


      Well, I mean the links are hard to tell appart and the top doesn't look too good:

    3. cycloid


      hmm. if you've been to the site before relatively recently you may need to forcibly refresh the page so that you get the new style sheet

    4. myk


      That did it, thanks!

  8. new url in sig. yeah i know there's nothing there at the moment. existing direct links to content on the old f9.co.uk address will probably work forever unless they do a massive clean out as i only replaced index.htm with the redirect link hastilly before moving house and ditching my account with them for good. at the moment my email address still works there but soon will be dead too (it gets stoooopid amounts of spam so, good riddance!)

  9. just a shameless plug that i've updated my site, not much in the way of new content, just a few new screens from my megawad and a clean up and shift about of the site. the demos page now has more info and links to the wads and such too, which i thought was sensible it as seems to get the most hits :-)

    1. cycloid


      heh, it works quite reasonably in http://www.fdisk.com/doslynx/lynxport.htm Lynx, a text only (dos!) web browser.

  10. we've known for a couple of months but we've been sitting on the info for some time and are now making it official. mrs cycloid is getting bigger and cycloid junior is due next summer... hence my lack of getting around to working on my megawad lately. was going to refurbish the kitchen next summer, but now i have to get a lot of shit done a lot sooner! nothing like an immovable deadline to get one's butt in gear!

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    2. Fredrik
    3. cycloid


      actually had an evening to myself and got map08 started on the old megawad, so making progress there finally. just botched together the layout and will flesh it out as i go along. also got a new job lined up starting in january. of the fabled monday to friday variety so things are coming together. only problem is that it's xmas on saturday and i'm no where near ready what with having a mad srmble in the past few months to get our shit together, heh!

    4. Grazza


      [OT] cycloid: A few sentences are requested from you here.

  11. ooh, only a couple more days then a whole week in a field! (yay) no internet or doom for a week, (!yay) .... ho hum... anyone else off? i'm likely to be seen wearing 80s raybans and occasionally sporting a flourescent green jumpsuit.

  12. ooh, nearly half way through, i've got a laptop set up nicely for my right hand for contnued surfage, as well as live timing/scoring courtesy of americanlemans.com the left hand services the small table of snacks and drinks. nice. i'll be here until 4am gmt watching cars on telly going roung and roung and round and round and... only problem is that it's windy as feck outside and the gas fire keeps blowing out so i'm a bit blody cold (fortunatley its a proper new gas fire with a thermocouple so no chance of explosions!)

  13. cache has bin dun be4 ffs so here's the sequel. i'm #1

  14. me = 1.

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    2. Chopkinsca


      Oui, oui. Nous devons demander à Julian. Parce que je suis le gâteau en forme de pomme de terre de crabe. Mes oreilles sont dans mon bouton de ventre. J'ai un pamplemousse pour une queue.

      I don't know french.

    3. insertwackynamehere


      "I am the cake in the forme of potato of crab?"


    4. Danarchy


      I say 'catch', because you put stuff in it and it catches it. Hehe...

  15. i've just returned from our (my misfit friends who resemble the dream team and number about twenty) xmas pub crawl. i arrived at the meeting pub up "the old town" about noon. it's now 2am and 12 pints, 1 bottle, 4 cokes and one red bull later. add to that the fact that i only got about 4 hours sleep due to doom==10 fun all night and look... i can still, nearly, type. hoorah. i even made a sandwich without loosing any fingers. like i said elsewhere, this week is also my 10th "pub" anniversary, so i've had plenty of practise. now... time to get on with playing every episode all the way through on UV... i think i'll need some luck :-) i love you guy's ... dribble ... fall over ... sing some football song .. sleep in the gutter only to be woken by a dog licking my face etc.


    p.s. the girl i fancy most in the whole universe was out tonight. and i didnt talk to her because i knew i was too drunk and held myself back. however due to a bizzare planetary alignment i did say "hi" as i walked past (between pubs with my friends) when she was closing up the shop she works at... hmmmmm...

  16. y'know i used to play this utterly pointless and, indeed, goal-less game for months on end non stop back in the day. and for some reason i elected to hunt it down on the net and have a play. and now it's fucking half 5 in the morning. i just know i'm going to dream of power shortages, soaring crime rates and hapless minions demanding a zoo.

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    2. Danarchy


      I'll never buy another Sim City game until they implement ferries. Why don't they have ferries!?

    3. Chopkinsca


      I recentely played SC2k in the past year, and it only took an hour or two to get my fill.
      But I did use a completely flat terrain, with a river in the middle. I don't like how SC2k deals with the terrain heights. SC3k is much better in that aspect...


    4. insertwackynamehere


      SimCopter + Apache = Win


  17. i've been attempting to get into demo recording, so after figuring it out and having a successful test demo i've been hacking away at bndaly8.wad ... the best reported time is 5:05 ... mine's 6:30, though i've done ~6:30 about 4 times now so at least i'm consistent. bloody revenants.

    i've also been exploring doom builder. back in the day i made a megawad once, never released it cos it was crapola, obviously. but now i'm editing again i'm having to learn it all, again. so expect my first map to be out, maybe by the end of this upcoming week. it'll basically be full of different doors/lifts/tripwires but hopefully in a playable and even demo-friendly setting. oh and i've already thought of the name ,,,, "enter"

    it sounds better if you say it in a cool demonic voice, honest