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  1. i've been attempting to get into demo recording, so after figuring it out and having a successful test demo i've been hacking away at bndaly8.wad ... the best reported time is 5:05 ... mine's 6:30, though i've done ~6:30 about 4 times now so at least i'm consistent. bloody revenants.

    i've also been exploring doom builder. back in the day i made a megawad once, never released it cos it was crapola, obviously. but now i'm editing again i'm having to learn it all, again. so expect my first map to be out, maybe by the end of this upcoming week. it'll basically be full of different doors/lifts/tripwires but hopefully in a playable and even demo-friendly setting. oh and i've already thought of the name ,,,, "enter"

    it sounds better if you say it in a cool demonic voice, honest