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  1. y'know i used to play this utterly pointless and, indeed, goal-less game for months on end non stop back in the day. and for some reason i elected to hunt it down on the net and have a play. and now it's fucking half 5 in the morning. i just know i'm going to dream of power shortages, soaring crime rates and hapless minions demanding a zoo.

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    2. Danarchy


      I'll never buy another Sim City game until they implement ferries. Why don't they have ferries!?

    3. Chopkinsca


      I recentely played SC2k in the past year, and it only took an hour or two to get my fill.
      But I did use a completely flat terrain, with a river in the middle. I don't like how SC2k deals with the terrain heights. SC3k is much better in that aspect...


    4. insertwackynamehere


      SimCopter + Apache = Win