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  1. i've just returned from our (my misfit friends who resemble the dream team and number about twenty) xmas pub crawl. i arrived at the meeting pub up "the old town" about noon. it's now 2am and 12 pints, 1 bottle, 4 cokes and one red bull later. add to that the fact that i only got about 4 hours sleep due to doom==10 fun all night and look... i can still, nearly, type. hoorah. i even made a sandwich without loosing any fingers. like i said elsewhere, this week is also my 10th "pub" anniversary, so i've had plenty of practise. now... time to get on with playing every episode all the way through on UV... i think i'll need some luck :-) i love you guy's ... dribble ... fall over ... sing some football song .. sleep in the gutter only to be woken by a dog licking my face etc.


    p.s. the girl i fancy most in the whole universe was out tonight. and i didnt talk to her because i knew i was too drunk and held myself back. however due to a bizzare planetary alignment i did say "hi" as i walked past (between pubs with my friends) when she was closing up the shop she works at... hmmmmm...