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  1. we've known for a couple of months but we've been sitting on the info for some time and are now making it official. mrs cycloid is getting bigger and cycloid junior is due next summer... hence my lack of getting around to working on my megawad lately. was going to refurbish the kitchen next summer, but now i have to get a lot of shit done a lot sooner! nothing like an immovable deadline to get one's butt in gear!

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    2. Fredrik
    3. cycloid


      actually had an evening to myself and got map08 started on the old megawad, so making progress there finally. just botched together the layout and will flesh it out as i go along. also got a new job lined up starting in january. of the fabled monday to friday variety so things are coming together. only problem is that it's xmas on saturday and i'm no where near ready what with having a mad srmble in the past few months to get our shit together, heh!

    4. Grazza


      [OT] cycloid: A few sentences are requested from you here.