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  1. http://www.cyclomedia.co.uk/doom/

    bored at work = finally got around to coding a site engine.

    [stop here if you dont give a monkeys]

    actually it's much like a blog engine, allows people to add comments to news articles, basically.

    [stop here if you're not a web tech nerd]

    i'll be adding this functionality to the other parts of my site (my personal blog with baby photos! and the techie ASP main site) though that will be a bit more difficult as i wont really have the luxury of bashing it together from scratch.

    but yeah, i have three seperate web sites hosted in that web space and i coded database engines for them all.. and they're all completely different and incompatible! someone at MS should give me a job :-)

    1. myk


      Prett cool. The links on top look kinda weird though, on my IE, like mashed together right after the email address.

    2. Bucket


      I'm not seeing anything mashed together.

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