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  1. Killerratte

    Dreamed features in editors

    Cooperative mapping with a maximum of four users at the same time.
  2. Killerratte

    Hell Cartel 2 [Community Project!]

    There isn't anything being done with the project and it's not going anywhere. I want my map removed.
  3. Killerratte

    [BOOM - Complevel 9] Porting Station.

    This is a playtest video from the pre-release version. There may be some texture differences, etc., also the music is not part of the .wad.
  4. Killerratte

    What is your favorite texture from classic doom?

    About as important as any support texture, but more subtle and very effective in techbases, when used correctly.
  5. Killerratte

    Hell Cartel 2 [Community Project!]

    That won't be necessary for my map. I chose the music and built the level around it. That's how I usually create maps.
  6. Killerratte

    Hell Cartel 2 [Community Project!]

    The whole reason I did that is so you can test the map easily. You'll have to import all the necessary files anyway into your HC2.wad, so just put all the files (Map marker until Blockmap) in the correct spot, then rename the map marker to 04. There's no reason for me to reupload the file again for a simple change like that. Change the music name from D_RUNNIN to D_BETWEE and that's it. This is how it usually looks like:
  7. Killerratte

    Hell Cartel 2 [Community Project!]

    Here is my map for Hell Cartel 2: Weir-Dough Alley In tradition with my previous maps, this one also has a food pun in the name. I've tested it for functionality in prBoom (Software mode), DSDA, Zandronum / GZDoom. All difficulty settings are included. Gameplay time: 6-7 minutes - One of the shortest maps I've built so far. Build time: 3-4 days Music used: Thexder II - The Second Contact - Stage 5 Theme Download: #1 Mega: https://mega.nz/file/yoVEgIDC#ez4YUKtXOzsXZDjUaB1GfZZ9KrqvIgvI5fzQaMpAOOw --- Notes for the project: Unless someone discovers a major bug / problem, this map can be considered completed. Also of importance is the included ANIMATED file. I've used a couple of animated textures from the Duke texture file and they had to be properly set-up. So if anyone else uses animated textures, they need to be included in that file, too. I did not use any new SWITCHES though. Finally there's a custom skybox included.
  8. Killerratte

    Hell Cartel 2 [Community Project!]

    The only DEHACKED this project needs is the following: Doom version = 21 Patch format = 6 # HUSTR is for Doom2, THUSTR is for TNT, and PHUSTR is for Plutonia. [STRINGS] HUSTR_1 = MAP01: Mapname HUSTR_2 = MAP02: Mapname HUSTR_3 = MAP03: Mapname HUSTR_4 = MAP04: Mapname HUSTR_5 = MAP05: Mapname HUSTR_6 = MAP06: Mapname HUSTR_7 = MAP07: Mapname HUSTR_8 = MAP08: Mapname HUSTR_9 = MAP09: Mapname This allows every port to display the mapname on the automap. All you do is write the name of the map at Mapname and that's it.
  9. Killerratte

    Hell Cartel 2 [Community Project!]

    As long as you don't replace the TechPillar, I'm using that one in my map.
  10. Killerratte

    Hell Cartel 2 [Community Project!]

    Just use imgur and drag pictures there, then link them in your post.
  11. Killerratte

    Hell Cartel 2 [Community Project!]

    I came across your thread, downloaded the textures and experimented with them. Looks like I have a map in the works now. If that slot is still free, I'll take it. Many textures are actually flats (like the manhole cover), which is a little annoying, because Boom can't use them like that. I guess some of these textures were supposed to be used for ZDoom maps, but I'll still be able to work with it. Here's what I've come up with so far:
  12. Killerratte

    Aquarius199 is calling it talking about calling it quits

    Good, his videos were all terrible.
  13. Killerratte

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    Playing this with two players was great fun.
  14. Killerratte

    The worst movie you seen

    I was about to post that. Absolute fucking garbage with no redeeming qualities - it hurt to watch, it was worse than Foodfight! and Birdemic combined.
  15. Killerratte

    Nostalgic or Old Doom videos

    2007 ... pretty sure my video massively helped with keeping the memory of this .wad alive.