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  1. NaZa

    Really sorry for bothering you man but wadsinprogress.info is being invaded with cialis bots on the most recent wad, Mancubus2isafaggot is continuing to flame other people and their works. If you could sort it out somehow. 

    1. bzzrak


      Manc2 is the funniest chap I've seen in a long time, his trolling skills are admirable. I would compile his quotes into a book.


      He's not me, saying just in case the previous sentence led you to such a conclusion.

    2. fraggle


      Out of morbid curiosity I took a lot. I don't think his trolling skills are admirable at all - kind of shit tier stuff really. Trolls can be entertaining sometimes when they're actually witty and intelligent. There's none of that here - just another boring edgelord who thinks he's being clever and original by being insulting. Who hasn't seen that before?