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  1. Kain D.

    Doom 64 Stereo Project

    With some really very serious edits, these can be fit into Doom 2 wad. At least some of them.
  2. Kain D.

    Things about Doom you just found out

    A couple of things, that I gathered during mapping. Mostly Dehacked stuff. -1 legged dude can be fixed by putting 84 units height(if I remember correctly) in Dehacked. I guess it can also be done by fixing sprite offsets. -Lost soul is immune(or partially immune in Gzdoom) to Beta Lost Soul's attack -Beta BFG really looks like christmas -Beta Lost Soul can attack through walls and is unaffected by partial invisibility -MBF(complevel 11) fixed the sky invul. bug -In Dehacked there is 86 CHGUN in the sound index. It is possible to use it, by putting DSCHGUN in a wad. Works in PrBoom+, doesn't work in Gzdoom, don't know about vanilla. And yes I know it is due to different chaingun sound planned in the previous versions of Doom. -MBF doesn't have line skipping bug -Pausing the game stops animated sky in PrBoom+, but not in Gzdoom -Removing translucency in Dehacked doesn't remove it in Gzdoom
  3. Kain D.

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    The yellow skull key is somewhere hidden in here. Are you able to find it?
  4. Looks intresting. Is it a slaughter map, or something with style of Community Chest map29?
  5. Kain D.

    First MIDIs of Unholy Destruction

    I listened to it, my feedback if you're intrested. Midi 1 Cool midi. I don't like the ending though, mainly because it doesn't fit with the rest of the midi. Maybe it's just me. Midi 2 Let's just say it isn't my cup of tea. Midi 3 Fits really well as intermission, or theme midi. Much better that the previous two. Midi 4 I'd say this is the best midi I heard recently, I really like it. Basically the more you create, the better you get. Due to its lengh it would fit better in longer maps. I can clearly see some hell map with it. You really have potencial, quite unique Midis.
  6. It's a megawad composed of short maps, where every map has death exit and push MBF features to the limit. The wad uses Doom alpha/beta resources, has two new weapons: grenade launcher(replaces pistol) and railgun(replaces plasma gun, planned to be in the next maps). New enemies are also introduced. Due to extensive Dehacked usage gameplay mods aren't recomended. Screenshots: Download and more screenshots: https://www.moddb.com/mods/frozen-heart-mbf-megawad
  7. Kain D.

    Nukage Pre-Post-Processing

    I am busy, so I'll be quick. This map is way better, than the last map I played made by you. Mainly, because it doesn't have very slooooooow lifts and I didn't have problems with ammo(like the last time). As for the issues and what I don't like. The very first thing is Boom features are non existent, to put bluntly this is Limit removing map(the only feature is switches and animated lumps used by texture pack). BTW the slime texture is from Doom alpha/beta. Secondly the slime damage is too strong in my opinion, but keep in mind I generally don't like damage sector effects. Also the cwil graphic width is too long, you might wanna make two rows instead of one. All the necessary files are in the texture wad. You can copy files from the texture pack to the map wad and that's it. Otherwise really cool map. I like it.
  8. I am not the decisive person to make the decision, but let's just say there is a good reason Palette swap is done at the beginning.
  9. Dude srsly? I've put custom hanging sprites(that spawn on ceiling) in my wads, I know how it's done.
  10. Height of the sprite is unimportant. The height offset has to be the same as thing height. For example if you change a thing's height in Dehacked to 70, the sprite offset height will also be 70.
  11. Changing palette, when maps are finished would be too unpredictable in my opinion. Using HI_START/HI_END is a better solution.
  12. Kain D.

    Lineskip - mappers, how do you deal with it?

    Linedef skip only occurs, when a player(or thing) moves south or west. If a player crosses linedef north, or east the linedef skip does not happen. In Boom it is possible to make a few linedefs, that only open voodoo doll conveyor belt, while the voodoo doll itself crosses the desired linedef. Something, that I've done. Yes, the bug is fixed in MBF(complevel 11) though.
  13. The Dark Red shall claim your soul. Download: Comtrunk.zip Technical stuff: Story of the map, might even be intresting: I've kept an eye out at this project from the beginning. Yeah it really takes a looooong time :) Back when this community project was announced I'd been busy with my own project(feels like ages ago) and there was a leftover idea(Using mostly blood and all black textures), that didn't make it. Later all the slots for the Community Trunk were taken. A week ago I finished a map(also similar to my first project) for an unreleased wad and I thought it would be cool to map something else in the style of my previous project and in the same day a slot was droped out. Coincidence? Aditionally I'd say beginning of map 16 fits with the theme of the map. I even had a stupid idea, that this project is taking so long, so I can have a slot, heh. As for the map itself. I'd say it is a strange one. It takes map 32 slot and adds one new flat. See it for yourself. The map wasn't tested in Crispy Doom, so if you are wiling to test it in that sourceport go ahead. Some things I noticed and my thoughts: -Not really an issue, but in .wad file it is better to put maps at the bottom, while other junk at the top (When saving map editors put map lumps at the bottom) -"Hurt Me Plenty" font is smaller, than the rest (It would be done easier, by using color remap with the original Doom 2 lumps) -HUD inscriptions(Ammo, Health, Bull, Rckt,..) could be more visible -Most of Umapinfo isn't necessary(it can even cause problems if tags 666/667 are used in map 07). Practically only maps 12(to change to Sky 1), 33 and 34 use it. -Textures, that don't have power of two width don't render properly on software renderers(this does not apply to mid textures) -Is it possible to update map listings in the first post and put map names of the completed maps? It would be easier to track progress, might even motivate mappers better. -I usually don't like to have bonus maps like 33, 34 in a megawad. Might be useful to put them in the empty slots, I don't know. But of course, this is only my opinion -The last time I made a Limit removing map was in 2018(I never published it). Let's just say Boom map format is waaaaay better
  14. Kain D.

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Some pictures from a project, that I haven't released yet. Difficult to say what will come out of it. And a map for Community Trunk (Nearly done. Should be released this week, if everything goes well) EDIT: Just released in the Community Trunk topic
  15. Kain D.

    Preferred map format to play/map in?

    As mapper Boom/MBF, because there is so many unused features. It is much more, than that.