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  1. Kain D.

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON

    I've finished my map. DOWNLOAD: Mayhem.zip I think UMAPINFO(or both) would be better, because more sourceports support it. Also, UDB is screaming, that: "Patch "XXDIRBRI", index 277 is double defined in resource "MAY22RES_1.1.wad"."
  2. Kain D.

    Melodeath (Boom miniwad){WIP} 3 maps completed

    I don't exactly like slaughter and that was the main idea for creating these maps. Jumppads already appeared in my previous wad, so this isn't something new. As for "mystic" room scroll/move action is combined with fake sector. Normally this is used to teleport flying enemies(usually cacodemons), but during development of this wad I discovered, that projectiles are also affected. Thanks for feedback :)
  3. Kain D.

    Melodeath (Boom miniwad){WIP} 3 maps completed

    I updated the topic with info, so you can check what this is about.
  4. This wad is my experiment with certain idea I have. It is something completly different, than Sign of Torment. Long story short, this is slaughter, that is more accessible. I still don't know, if this is successful or not. The experiment is still ongoing. For me it is a slaughter map sub genre(SOT map 29 is a prototype), that has following goals: 1. Emphasis on progression and exploration. This is rather self explanatory. 2. More accessible difficulty. Basically, if you play Doom wads on UV, you should also play this on UV. The fights are easier compared to other slaughter maps without deviating from core slaughter mechanic. I'd say, that the greatest enemy is your own fear. 3. Has areas with standard non slaughter combat. This is also rather self explanatory. 4. Has Intro/Outro and Interlude maps. This is WIP. It means, that the wad will have maps with no enemies(Map 04 will be an interlude). Map 01 was planned to be an intro map, but it was scrapped, because I wanted that "shock value" with quantity of enemies. Although, this isn't going to be a megawad, the goal has a purpose to make it more convenient to play from megawad point of view, because slaughter maps tend to be long. Difficulty is a mix of Plutonia and Doom 2(with more Plutonia, than Doom 2). It's easier, than the final episode of my previous wad though. I think the first serious fight is the most difficult. Playing with freelook enabled is more comfortable(due to the features), but it's not required and jumping/crouching should be disabled. Gameplay mods are not recommended. For now 3 maps are completed and the project is planned to be a 7 map miniwad. Screenshots: Download and more screenshots: https://www.moddb.com/mods/na53828
  5. Kain D.

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON

    I can contribute(if that's still available). I have an idea based on Perdition's Gate maps 31/32.
  6. This only happens, if you put multiple monsters in one conveyor belt. Try to make conveyor belt for each monster and this should be solved.
  7. Kain D.

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Maybe, I'll release it some day...
  8. Then we have a similar opinion. I don't exactly like IoS maps. Additionally it's not even possible for this wad to have Icon of Sin gimmick, because it is removed in Dehacked(It really uses a lot of states). Especially when you have 1% health :) It was made easier in newer versions to get to secret level from Map 15.
  9. It's a Node builder related bug, that doesn't show up in Map Analysis Mode(Like @Graf Zahl mentioned). Usually creating a sector in "the hole" is enough to fix it.
  10. I appreciate kind words :) Map 30 contains spoilers about the story, as you probably know by now. That's why, I asked not to record the video. As intresting fact, there was even a story related discussion here, something, that I've never seen in any Doom wad. Regarding Map 29, I think it is a better choice to have a map like this for a Final Challenge, rather than use again Icon of Sin.
  11. I finally have time to write something. I have to admit, it is surprising to see the Map 27/28 videos. The only challenge in there is to not fall down(unless you're playing on UV). Actually you need to kill the Cyberdemon to escape from there.
  12. Yes, you can. You need to use interbackdrop = "x" (where x is a lump name). The graphic lump isn't added to PNAMES and TEXTURE1.
  13. You can change rate of fire by modifying duration of Fire states(states that have "FireCGun" in case of Chaingun). As for accuracy, it's possible to remove spread, but I don't know how to do that(maybe by removing "ReFire", but I really don't know). It would be useful to write for what format is this for. Boom has upgrades in Dehacked compared to vanilla.
  14. Kain D.

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I'll only add, that Player starts work regardless of difficulty flags.
  15. I understand, that some parts of the wad could be done better. But creating 32 map megawad requires a lot of time. And I know, time isn't something, that I'm going to have in the next year. My point is, I had to finish this wad in December. The issue you're experiencing happens in the first maps(mostly in the first episode), later is basically non existent. It's because, the beginning of the wad has been tested mainly in Gzdoom. I also understand that for some people, this might be annoying, while others just ignore it. I hope you understand.