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Status Updates posted by Clippy

  1. Happy birthday!!

    1. Snaxalotl


      Thamks friend :>

  2. happy birthday! We're having a party in the crispy chicken chillzone discord!! Bring turkey

    1. TheShep


      Thank you Clippy!

  3. hey guys I have been sick for the last week or so and still not feeling great - will be back when feel better

  4. Lol awesome username 😆


    1. Daytime Waitress

      Daytime Waitress

      Charlie sandbagging the lovingly-crafted tribute map lmao

    2. LoatharMDPhD


      // Mighty Sphynx eh?

    3. EduardoAndFriends


      All hail our ginger overlord!

  6. Happy red bricks frieds chickens Friday friends take er easy 🍗🧱🍗🧱🍗🧱😄

  7. Don't go near bonfires 

  8. where u go

    1. TheShep


      cotton eye joe

    2. A Handsome Fridge

      A Handsome Fridge

      To the bathroom

    3. Pistoolkip


      to the fridge

  9. Greatest username ever

  10. where u go

    1. Chris Hansen

      Chris Hansen

      I’m still here.

    2. Clippy


      Hello! It said you hadn't logged in for a while. I recorded this sometime ago and then you disappeared LOL



    3. Chris Hansen

      Chris Hansen

      Well, it’s true. I’ve been away for some months for personal reasons that took away my time and energy from my hobbies. Trying to get back into it a bit again. Thanks for the video! 

  11. Hey friend, thanks for liking some of my maps - hope you had fun

    1. Hamash


      Hello friend, Thank you for your great effort in your maps, I really appreciate your work and I love your maps, Thank you very much

  12. @DiR  u r a LEGEND! Thanks for the Clippy av and the in game Clippy HUD - you are AMAZING!!

  13. Thanks for the kind words friend!

    1. Kyka


      Anytime Clippy. I like the crew thing you have going on, and your vids are fun to watch. :D Cheers from Australia.


  14. One of the reasons I like to make playthrough videos is because I enjoy when people play videos of my maps. It's always interesting experience to see how people react. And I just reached 500 videos in this playlist 🤯'


    playlist click here


    Thank you so much everybody you guys are cool. Special shout out to @HAK3180 for being the first ever person to record a map for me



    1. HAK3180


      Glad to have that honor. I hope to get back to it someday. I also hope to finish my mapset someday. Working on it right now...

  15. So happy to get SOMETHING submitted to ramp.lol