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  1. On 6/20/2021 at 3:24 PM, Orcsbreath said:

    @Clippy I made sure a no-secrets run is possible, but far from easy on UV.  Could be a fun "challenge run" I suppose!


    I finally accepted the challenge


    Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be


    And to my surprise even at the end I had plenty of resources and was still picking up stuff


    You designed this map very well 


    I got to see even more clever things than I missed last time such as if you don't kill the mancubus they can shoot you through the window way up there


    Can't wait to see what you cook up next




    I also had a lot of fun playing with the berserk and getting monsters to fight each other


    Really good times


  2. All caught up again - this map was nuts - easily the hardest map which is giving spider map a run for it's money. If you wanted to only give the player the BFG but still make it extremely hard I think you succeeded. You balanced this out pretty well actually with the berserks, soul spheres and megaspheres. But what a hard start lol I hope you enjoy my suffering. I'm a little confused how to properly access the exit and trying to solve the map while fighting off massive armies really brought the panic - good stuff



  3. 51 minutes ago, DavidN said:

    Thanks so much for the topic revival :) I have a slightly revised version that I completely forgot to do anything with, and will make sure I revive and submit it!


    Nice! I'm very glad to see these maps get a second life, I wish I noticed them sooner!


    So I played map 3 and finally got dead. I got ate by pinkies and outsmarted by a revenant. These maps are getting more challenging when pistol start is involved - I really dig them. I especially like the secrets, a lot of ppl don't put much time or care into them but you craft them well and they are there in abundance. I'm especially glad I found the SSG because I fell for the fake exit bit, that would have been MUCH harder without it. This was probably my favourite yet - the cool lighting and design and the caves and that cryptic red monument to a super enemy I assume I'll fight later.


    Also did you train my cat Conky to be a jerk while playing your maps, he seems to be worse then I play these ones haha - this time he knocked a whole box of treats down and opened an illegal kitty buffet I had to deal with during the game!


    PS video is still processing I can't wait to see what happens next



  4. 1 hour ago, Doomkid said:

    lol, it’s ok Clippy. If you ever do feel like moving up to GZDB I can try and offer some assistance. But, Considering you’re on DB2 (which I never used), switching to DBX might actually be kinda easy for you. Apparently it’s much the same, just with easier functionality (being able to draw lines going through eachother and having the editor automatically separate everything into working sectors, for example)


    Anything DB2 and up is still miles ahead of WadAuthor and DB1, at least :p DBX might save you time for future maps tho. Just something to keep in mind, that’s all!


    Thank you when I have enough time and patience to mess around I'll give er a try again

  5. 1 minute ago, Dubbag said:

    @Clippy nice map considering the fact you hate mapping under pressure. I really appreciate it


    This wasn't nearly as stressful as the 10 minute map thing and I actually had fun 


    I didn't do any custom music or whatever but you can feel free to add a song to it or put it wherever you want so hopefully I can pass it on now and we're good


    I'm off to snoozeville

  6. @Doomkid hey there - I gotta tell ya I'm one of those ppl that get set in my ways. I am super comfortable with using doom builder to the point I don't have to think and know how everything fits like a nice glove


    I can try to take a look at the other thing, but I know one time I tried it and had a weird problem - not sure I can explain. You know when you click on a linedef for example and it brings up the setting window, actions and textures etc? Well in Ultimate Doom builder the windows were so large and filled with confusing extra functions, I couldn't press OK - I got stuck on screens that were too big to operate so I switched back lol


    I know you're trying to help me but I might be helpless


    I also made this video tonight playing with Doom builder - the website says the version is 2012 so I'm only a decade out of date :S




  7. I loved this map! Man, I didn't make out too bad either with those secrets - they were GAME CHANGERS! We must have been mentally connected somehow cause I couldn't walk down the street without tripping over a secret. Feel like I got off easy, what do you think, should I try a no secrets run or is that possible hahaa


    Legit I'll do it