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  1. Ok I broke down and ordered a new mic coming wednesday hopefully





    @Zolgia108I hope my mew mic solves all my problems 

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    2. Clippy


      @Biodegradable it really is. I got mic volume 93 percent but doom music and sounds so very low


      But I want everything to be heard

    3. Zolgia108


      canadian??? oh gosh!!! even worse! my girlfriend who lived in phoenix was half canadian and i cooked for her and her family and friends a lot of times, once they put tabasco sauce on my fucking carbonara (the famous pasta) I HATE CANADIANS! but you are different, you are lovely. Mic works well btw

    4. Clippy


      Haha thanks everyone. I have like 4 different ppl who requested I try their single maps then I'll get back to the Happy maps 😊