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  1. Burnt out ... have a map sitting in limbo cause I lost the desire/gumption to work on it and it legit has the potential to be my best map. Also have less and less time I can get a recording going, really the only time I actually play the game is when I make a video. Wish I had more time and energy to be more active in this community but lately have had to turn down play requests for large mapsets and opt out of group mapping events. I'll keep looking for new things to play in wads and mods when I have time but it's getting harder to find that time. Nice chat 

    1. Biodegradable


      Don't worry dude, you'll find a way to swing things around eventually.

    2. Soulless


      Kinda tired too buddy, just playing other games, from splinter cell (blacklist) to Carmageddon,

      also some dusk (quake style). Last time I played some doom was like a week ago, finished "Ashes 2063" and

      I.H.N.I, both highly recommended, but I dont think im playing or mapping anytime soon really.


    3. Biodegradable


      Wait, two of my favourite Doom landscape artists out of commission? 2021 not starting off on a great note here!