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  1. Clippy

    Doomworld Merch?

    I can't even afford a regular shirt
  2. Clippy

    Cruel Hatred

    Happy red brick Friday! Fried Chicken! I understand trying to make ammo starvation as an interesting gimmick but it's a little boring when you have to regular punch pinkies for a while Also pivotal assets appear to be hidden in secrets and I wonder how people will fare if they don't find them Somebody might wonder how you are faring Other than that actually like the brick aesthetic and nice little map keep at her You sure are addicted to imps huh If you're going to trap me in a pit please burn me Good luck on your future endeavors bro
  3. Happy red bricks frieds chickens Friday friends take er easy 🍗🧱🍗🧱🍗🧱😄

  4. Clippy

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Had some fun with some buddies making some Doom video with new maps etc good times Unexpected tentacle Monster shooting a straight line of beautiful purple beans that me etc maps by @Bobi Guests @Doomkid @thelamp @Snaxalotl @sandwedge Two more shorter videos with same crew tomorrow
  5. Might as well share something that happened that I can't seem to expel from my mind, maybe typing it out will help. We were trimming our rose bushes cause boy did they get out of hand, its insane how tall and wild they can get when you dont maintain them for 10 years. Anywho - we were also burning them on our lovely bonfire pit we romantically constructed on our 10 year anniversary. I like to lock doors ... excessively. Tho we live on what we thought was a nice place, I used to live in the scummiest of places where drunk ppl would smash on my door, and later this place burned down but well after we moved out. So it instilled in me a healthy sense of excessive door locking. To the point that would be doing projects with father in law outside and he would try to go inside to take a shit and yell at me for being locked out. "YOU DONT HAVE TO LOCK THE DOOR, WE'RE RIGHT HERE" and he would laugh at me etc I get sleepy, like a cat sometimes. Anywho wife got done and came in and went to the famous recliner that I play doom on, I think it's blue but she insists its green - who is really colour blind here? Eternal struggle. I finished up outside but was still coming and going a lot so why lock door. I went upstairs and me and my buddy Quinn snuggled together, he fell asleep with his head in my arms as he often does. He's so cute - I got sleepy too. Started to get drifty and when I drift I drift hard bro. Quinn is a cat. Here where story prolly starts I was in hyper drift mode and back door unlocked, front door locked. My wife has tragic laryngitis or really not so good voice situation at this time. I heard her trying her best to yell at something. I'm starting to come out of my daze but I have a super slow boot up time. I thought ok ... is she yelling at a cat? Then she started frantically calling my name and I thought ok is the house on fire or what? Ran down the stairs super fast and there is a guy An older middle aged guy with short gray hair and a blue windbreaker and looked like he been punched on the face recently, on crack or something, my wife yelling at him. He had a coffee mug? So surreal to see a guy in my house because I didn't lock the door. At like 4PM afternoon time on a random sunny weekday! To me he seemed far off and meek asking for cops cause he's in trouble. So I told him lets go outside and I'll call you the cops - but he wouldn't leave and kept asking for cops, so I said ok I'll get them but we HAVE to go outside. I was about to get forceful and then ... as I was positioned between the guy and my wife, my wife stepped forward and started screaming at him and going crazy. She got him in the sun room, front of house and he was still farting around asking for cops. So she picked up her sturdy wooden sewing chair and held it up to him and said "I'M A PSYCHOPATH AND IF YOU DON'T GET OUT NOW I'LL GIVE YOU A REASON TO NEED THE COPS!!" and she was starting to swing that chair bro lol, this guy had to frantically unlock the front door to get himself out. My fuck didn't she chase him up the street! I'm kind of like just waking up and in awe but he disappeared - went to other neighbours places, we talked to ppl around and he's been lurking. Called the cops and was waiting for them to show up ... they didn't. Called again to see what was up and they were like "yeah we caught him" .... a heads up would have been nice. What a bizarre experience. But there's more: My wife told me her side of the story. Now when I went down there he seemed to put on a different show for me ... this is scary. She was diamond painting and watching show on my doom recliner. Nymeria, one of our four other cats suddenly looked terrified she said. That's when my wife knew something was wrong. That's when she looked in the hall and seen a coffee cup, thinking it was her dad as he has barged in before. But it was some guy. She yelled at him to get out and he kept being very stern and sushing her.... and approaching. She stood up and started freaking out at him but he wasn't backing off, not even when she was yelling (or trying to) yell for me. Only when I barreled down the stairs did his demeanor change. What was his actual intentions here? It's terrifying to think about but you know what, based on what I seen, she really was gunna smash him with a chair so ... I would like to hope she could have taken care of herself. So we chased him out the front, calmed down, called cops etc and then I had a thought of... did this fuckin guy leave back door open, do we still have cats? Went back to check and discovered a few unsettling things: 1: When this guy snuck in, he locked the top deadbolt. He also locked the bottom door which we never lock cause deadbolt is enough. 2: He turned off lights that we never turn off, the outside motion light and inner porch light. Anywho they did catch him and well ... it's something to keep thinking about I guess. And I am locking the door all times every times, I dont care if my father in law shits himself This was quite an experience boys Thought I would share thanks for listening
  6. Clippy

    Reactor (Doom 2 Limit Removing)

    I can't express enough how much I LOVE this map!
  7. haha sorry there yeah may have spoken out of frustration - I will consider the rest as time permits but have to play after meditating next time
  8. Holy Hannah u guys so fast
  9. Clippy

    What is your favorite book?

    Does Kraft dinner cooking instructions count?
  10. Look up Haribo sugar free gummy bear reviews First time I read some of these I laughed my ass off crying Ppl get really creative when dying on toilets https://www.sunnyskyz.com/blog/2755/The-Reviews-For-These-Sugar-Free-Gummy-Bears-Will-Have-You-In-Tears-Laughing Might try some to get inspired for mapping
  11. Teeth.wad but it comes with mandatory dental surgery
  12. Clippy

    If you went inside the last doom mod you played how screwed are you

    Wrong time to see this thread 😨
  13. Hey there - blind run as always but boy are you mean - trying to navigate tiny steps and avoid cybers and high tiers - so crammed with all heavy enemies. Might be too much for me - yes I did rage quit cause I ran out of time (short map my ass lol) But thankfully @thelamp came to my rescue and showed me I didn't need to tediously fight 2 cybers to obtain the red key - that button kept turning black when I tried to look at it and none of us saw it Anyway you have an eye for detail for sure and I admire how everything looks just find the gameplay a little unforgiving and relentless for me and I'm a save scummer lol - might find more audience if ease up but u do u hope vid is entertainign at least
  14. Damn #67 - was trying to keep my own series on par but I'm only on episode 63 lol No this isn't a scam, it's a special occasion so I'm making it a Youtube Premiere to air in 8 hours - I rarely get to make videos with @Snaxalotl @Sandwitch @LVENdead @thelamp @Dubbag & @Doomkid these days and they were all here for my torment. If you are around when it airs feel free to visit - there will be a live chat. I hope to be there if I still have power cause hurricane lee is slammin In meantime here is screenies: We're talkin DOOM IIII THE FOURTH ONE!! by @nub_hat & @ding dang who I cant find here https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/doomiiii These are quick crude and rude speedmaps made in SIX days by 2 ppl - so 6 days to make 15 maps each. I have to tell you I feel much better about my solo project Apocaclips which I made in 3 days lol I'm not good at reviews lets be honest I just share my thoughts along the way - but there is really not much to see here - just spammingly fast maps with a few broken things - its good for a very cheap laugh and there are some moments that stand out but they are few and far betwen - mostly just rip and tear as fast as possible in some boring rooms - but some attempts of creativity appear here and there Alone I wouldn't recommend but get a bunch of silly friends together like this and you can have a good time haha Have a good 1 everyone :)
  15. Clippy


    Kudos on 4th map. It's a pretty straightforward short and flat open door and shoot monster kind of thing. Now that your four maps in and got the super basics down don't be afraid to experiment with height variation; steps - surprises, monster closets ~ tricks and traps and finding ways to make it a little more adventurous Good job on your future maps bud!
  16. Clippy

    Imp Base

    yES rare night when I can beat @Biodegradable to the punch And just where did he get that idea I wonder lol good times keep er goin
  17. I gave the first map a try. I can't tell if you directly edited the original entryway or if this is a complete rebuild. But I can see why it's frowned upon if it's simply just turning an existing map into something more. For what this was it was quite ruthless and mean and a little grindy. Archie spam! And some unnecessarily mean stuff for the player such as every burning sector being way too hot and that BFG grab was absolutely ludicrous I know you're a brutal Doom kind of person and I wonder if any thought was given to people playing without mods I'll be honest with you I don't think I have the gumption to play the rest of these but I can see why it's a good starting point to learn how to map by adding to existing maps but I'd like to see you try to Branch off and build some new stuff from scratch bud