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Status Updates posted by Clippy


    1. Soulless


      hahaha, please have mercy!

    2. Salmon


      It's too funny to be mean!


    1. PSI Boredom Ω

      PSI Boredom Ω

      Hey I just wanted to let you know that its me bucket, but I changed my name. This is the most random place to say this but just wanted to let you know


    1. Dunn (& Dunn)

      Dunn (& Dunn)

      One of my cats has quite the tongue, too. She can't keep it in. XD 







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    2. sectrslayr


      I hope you’ve got backups somewhere. :-/

    3. Clippy


      @sectrslayr I backed up my maps but lost everytrhing else

    4. sectrslayr


      Priorities. 😏

  5. @1Destro3456 YouTube seems buggy - sometimes ppl's comments go away for some reason - I did see you asked about my discord. It's mostly a silly place for random chats but also there is a doom section - link is in youtube and doomworld profile but will provide it here as well :) 


    Enjoy! https://discord.gg/JSCYjXJZ

    1. 1Destro3456


      Oh well, YouTube is funky again, anyways thanks dude

    2. Clippy


      That's so weird I see notifications that people comment and then can never find them

  6. Clipboard06.png



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    2. Kuro_mahoh


      Now that is a rather cryptic teaser.

    3. Gustavo6046


      When the demon's sprite is 1-bit, and the 1 bit is not white, it's transparent

    4. sectrslayr


      1%, 0%. 😶

  7. e5.png



    1. sectrslayr


      Take your time. I cannot keep up at the moment anyway… 😏

    2. Clippy


      Who can haha it's amazing that this old school game has constant new content on the daily

    3. Kuro_mahoh


      Sky really do be yellow 😳

  8. FB-IMG-1609434642801.jpg


    Happy New year's lol

    1. Soulless


      thats a good one hahaha, Happy new year clippy!

  9. image.png.97be1d3544cac4a9b3a4107078298113.png



    1. TheMagicMushroomMan


      Quite a spectacular menagerie of stunning shapes and lines, this is a wonderfully beautiful representation of Mother Russia's largest secret nuclear testing facility, my dear Clippy.

  10. BRB gotta buy lottery tickets 


  11. Fried chicken 87



  12. Guys I went on a speedmapping spree - hold on to your butts I think I'm releasing it today!



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    2. Biodegradable
    3. AD_79


      If squares were so awesome, you'd turn on square things in the editor :P

    4. Clippy


      I like to live dangerously

  13. I am still working on that project I keep hinting about


    ... but in the meantime



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    2. Clippy








    3. sectrslayr


      You make it look easy. :-) As for the secrets, I figured the small pillars will lower outside ones. The chair is a different situation. Fun map! Can't wait to play the MEGAWAD, hehe!

    4. Clippy


      @sectrslayr I look forward to your map. I'll try to play some of these but don't know if I could take them all on so many haha but I'll definitely play yours

  14. I like this forum but also joined zdoom forums. What s terrible place full of rude people. Sucks to have the support forum for zdoom be full of terrible people. 


    This forum is a million times better

  15. Made a silly speedmap today, 2 hour build - mimicking the theme of another mapset - but "There and Back" again is still the main event for anyone who wants to try it!


    Silly speedmap:




    There and Back again:




    All of these things will be added to Clippyworld eventually, this makes 20 maps built in 2020 and I hear 2021 is gunna be awesome!

  16. My buddy Arqueto made this for me 



    1. taufan99


      Dude sure got designing talent. I wanna consume whatever he does.

  17. My full name is Clippy Clippington



    1. Ichor


      If you used IDCLIP, do you disappear?

    2. Clippy
  18. My keyboard JUST died and now this new one feels different when I play and I'll never be good at doom again


    Also it's my birthday and I'm dropping a new double map today! 

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    2. taufan99


      Happy birthday! You'll get used eventually, so no worries.

    3. Soulless


      Happy Birthday Clippy! Sorry about the keyboard buddy, that sucks.

      I hope to see that map when I get home this afternoon, that would be great!

    4. ElPadrecitoCholo


      Happy Birthday man!, I hope you have a good time on your special day, and do not worry, you will get used to your new keyboard that soon you will not feel the big difference from the previous one you had :-]

  19. My new map - Brutal Breakout - I think I worked out all the kinks hah hah



  20. My newest map Brutal Breakout - have a look and tell me what ya think :)



  21. New short play weird map I made haha - I used to make big maps but these days seem to only make short ones ....



  22. Now that I'm done with my stove I think today might be a good day to stat a new map, filled with tiny boats. Who likes boats


    I don't



  23. oh cool now I'm on your page


    the internet is fun