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Status Updates posted by Clippy

  1. I almost started a new map today but then I didn't

    1. Clippy


      Lol I have an idea but not motivated. It'll get done someday

    2. DuckReconMajor


      here is an idea.

      don't map.

      1 week from now.

      you let your self map again.

    3. taufan99
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  2. New short play weird map I made haha - I used to make big maps but these days seem to only make short ones ....



  3. Tried some of this tonite pretty good Chicken-Bones-Liqueur-2-e1574307537757.j

    1. taufan99


      Huh, had no idea you can make a beverage out of chicken bones.

    2. Clippy


      Last year they only made 18000 bottles or so and I missed it. This year I think they made 60000 and I got one. Just in time for Clipmas 🎄

  4. FB-IMG-1605914991476.jpg

    1. mArt1And00m3r11339
    2. Clippy


      Got any shorter ones?

    3. Clippy


      Ps had a gander way too tough for me. Maybe I should ask to see your EASIEST wad

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  5. Now that I'm done with my stove I think today might be a good day to stat a new map, filled with tiny boats. Who likes boats


    I don't




    1. PSI Boredom Ω

      PSI Boredom Ω

      Hey I just wanted to let you know that its me bucket, but I changed my name. This is the most random place to say this but just wanted to let you know

  7. So I got a map idea. Backpack city ... Or something. 


    Stage one: I have a half baked idea  . No map file started yet 



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    2. PSI Boredom Ω

      PSI Boredom Ω

      Didnt know people still use the older DBs

    3. Soulless


      There are still outsiders like me and Clippy using good old DoomBuilder.

    4. Clippy


      Yeah I'll never change. Old school AF. All my maps been made this way. Up to 29 monsters. I'll let you know someday when it's done 🤠

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  8. Fried chicken 87



  9. That Avatar tho 😲

    1. Weird Sandwich

      Weird Sandwich

      Haha, thanks! I'm happy with the way the full version turned out too:


    2. Clippy


      Good work buddy. Not really a fan of the show but I like this artwork you made!  I'll give that map of yours a try sometime too 😃

    3. Weird Sandwich

      Weird Sandwich

      Cheers mate, I appreciate it!

  10. Ok I broke down and ordered a new mic coming wednesday hopefully





    @Zolgia108I hope my mew mic solves all my problems 

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    2. Clippy


      @Biodegradable it really is. I got mic volume 93 percent but doom music and sounds so very low


      But I want everything to be heard

    3. Zolgia108


      canadian??? oh gosh!!! even worse! my girlfriend who lived in phoenix was half canadian and i cooked for her and her family and friends a lot of times, once they put tabasco sauce on my fucking carbonara (the famous pasta) I HATE CANADIANS! but you are different, you are lovely. Mic works well btw

    4. Clippy


      Haha thanks everyone. I have like 4 different ppl who requested I try their single maps then I'll get back to the Happy maps 😊

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  11. Omg I love red dwarf

  12. My newest map Brutal Breakout - have a look and tell me what ya think :)



  13. My new map - Brutal Breakout - I think I worked out all the kinks hah hah



  14. I like this forum but also joined zdoom forums. What s terrible place full of rude people. Sucks to have the support forum for zdoom be full of terrible people. 


    This forum is a million times better

  15. My full name is Clippy Clippington



    1. Ichor


      If you used IDCLIP, do you disappear?

    2. Clippy
  16. hah hah that av is fun look at him run ! :D

  17. oh cool now I'm on your page


    the internet is fun

  18. holy hannah how come I can only make one post a day and when does one day end :(

    1. Gothic


      Only on your first day, the forum does this to ensure that you're not a spambot.

    2. Clippy


      Ahhh thanks friend


      I'm new in town


      I joined cause I'm almost finished a level I want to show u guys - seems like a nice community


      I also joined Zdoom forums and geez days later every post is under review hah hah


      Spam amirite

    3. Clippy


      Soul spheres are like buttons I like it hah ah

  19. Check me out on YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZGb2wHL_9el-vNSVJ9e8dg

  20. What's going on in this room