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  1. Lately there has been an explosion of incredibly succesful Quake-like movement based FPS games (or boomer shooters if you will) in the indie scene, like Ultrakill, DUSK, Ion Fury, Amid Evil, etc. with many more on the way as we speak, and even AAA releases are moving away from the boots-on-the-ground Modern Warfare gameplay to a more reactive, movement focused style of game (BR games are the perfect example). Compared to what we had in the 2010s, there isn't a better time for Id to release a new Quake now that they dev team has tested the waters with the Doom reboot. Hell, while we're at it, Epic could even have a chance with a new Unreal. There is a voice in the back of my mind telling me that i'm delusional and this is pure copium, so I wanted to know what you guys think
  2. Tammato

    What do you think of Doom 3?

    I really disliked the base game but RoE is pretty fun
  3. Tammato

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    +1 Heartland +1 Time Tripper Easily neck-to-neck in quality, which is a testament to how mind-boggingly talented msx is given its their first WAD
  4. Tammato

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    This is to Eternity what Half Life 2 was to Source. EE was already my port of choice and the thought of this inspiring more Eternity exclusive projects makes me happy, especially with the bar of quality being this high.
  5. Tammato

    Does DOOMguy embrace his religion?

    Physically going to Hell to shoot demons then come back must fuck with your religious dogmas, at least a little bit. Do we even know if there's a "Heaven" in the doom universe in the same sense that there's a Hell?
  6. Tammato

    How often do you post on Doomworld?

    I wish I could post more often but i'm not good enough to review or give tips, not creative enough to make content and not experienced enough to have anything to add to most discussions. Hopefully i'll ease into the forum after a lil while idk
  7. Tammato

    The poll of the century

    does mate count as tea? I guess it does
  8. I'm also anti-censorship. Which doesn't mean anything because this isn't censorship. An user repeatedly and consistently acted in a way that cheesed off the community and the mods simply told him to stop doing that, they didn't remove the WAD immediately and they're not preventing him from uploading it on any other website. The "drama" is overblown and is drawing unwarranted attention to a project that would have gotten maybe a third of the attention its getting if it had never happened, Doomworld should know this better than anyone.
  9. -Most WADs that involve new monsters have an awful habit of "showing them off" a little bit too much, like the WAD creator is very proud of them and tries to use them as much as they can get away with, balance be damned. -People that are anti "save scumming" have way too much time on their hands, if a level has a par time of over 10 minutes and is also extremely hard i'm not wasting an hour doing it in one shot for bragging rights.
  10. Tammato

    What are your thoughts on the recent protests?

    I remember Pat from the Best Friends saying something along the lines of: back in the day riots and protests couldn't go indefinitely because people eventually had to go back to work or whatever else they do, but with COVID that's out the window. IDK if this is the actual case but at least it shows it's no coincidence that these are happening alongside COVID-19.
  11. I've been playing Monster Hunter for many years, and this reminds me of the release of World. "MonHun veterans" were up in arms at the fact that the game had improved controls, more forgiving gameplay or less awful hitboxes. They literally complained about the game being better designed because it meant it was actually accessible to people other than giga-weebs. Naturally they were mostly laughed at and ultimately nothing catastrophic happened. This is an extremely common reaction when it comes to "niche" communities (As weird as calling Doom "niche" is). A suddenly popular entry in the series gets released, and pandemonium starts. "The normies will take us over!", "It's the end of our community!". Hell, this has happened multiple times in Doom itself, I remember this when Brutal Doom started getting popular, for example. The release of Eternal won't be the death of Classic Doom, it never is. The "normies" will adapt to the culture, the ones that don't will get impatient and leave.
  12. Tammato

    Do boomers hate minimum wage workers?

    I live in a small-ish city in Argentina, a country with an extremely volatile economy that the lower classes suffer a lot. Here, boomers have an extremely odd vision of poor people. Most of them flat out hate them, seeing them as "leeches" that live off the safety nets and (our equivalent of) social security. Yet at the same time they idolize being "humble" and of low means. They will be the ones that talk about how they had to build their houses themselves, how they had to work since the age 9 along with their however many brothers, how they had to play with no toys because they grew in a po- I mean "humble" family, that they never finished school (Around 50% of the boomer generation, in our case). When they're poor, it's great and humblng and it builds character. When other people are poor, they're leeches and lazy and should learn to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
  13. -I never got the people that REFUSE to use the BFG on common enemies, or even groups of tough enemies, to save it for the "bosses" (Who get two-shotted anyways). There are scenarios where the BFG will actually save you ammo. -I don't really know how controversial this one is but pitch-black mazes is the worst trope in Doom level design. -Doom 3 isn't a "bad Doom game", it's a bad game in general, and aged like milk. -More people should play Strife
  14. Tammato

    What's 1 quirky thing about the place you live?

    The dictator that ruled our country and killed thousands of people in the 70s was born here. Our Natural History museum was founded by the most renowned paleontologist in the country, and one of the most renowned on Earth. He died yesterday, actually. Beyond that? not much. It's too small to be relevant, yet too "big" and urban to have the "small town" feel. Kinda sad vibes, really.