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  1. BlitzTheNutz25

    ZDS #742 - Insomnia - Beta 0

    Look, ma! I'm in the video game!
  2. The first time I saw one of these things, I jumped once they did...ironically.
  3. BlitzTheNutz25

    Does dragging an dropping folders work in (G)ZDoom?

    About the "If you're only using GZDoom" part, does that mean that there's other source ports that may or may not support dragging folders onto the exe?
  4. BlitzTheNutz25

    A couple questions from a source port newbie

    Not trying to accidentally white-knight my favorite classic source port, but I recommend Chocolate/Crispy Doom. It's a good way to play DooM in a way that makes it as close to Dos as possible without the tedious process of setting it up. Just pop in some IWADs and enjoy! :)
  5. BlitzTheNutz25

    Does dragging an dropping folders work in (G)ZDoom?

    Yes I actually have, and I know it works. I only made the folders as "modpacks" to stay organized.
  6. I made a folder that contains a shortcut to GZDoom and folders with mods in them. I drag and drop the folders with the mods onto the shortcut, and GZDoom runs...without the mods. The log says that it detected the wads/pk3s, but didn't load them for no reason. I don't even know if that method works anymore, or it it never was going to work in the first place.