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  1. Argenteo


    Awesome midis. Some maps appear to be filler? I don't dislike them. I like to take breaths. My absolute favorite is Procustes Chambers (24). Replayed and re-enjoyed again. Great music!
  2. Argenteo

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    100krevs -nomonsters 1
  3. Argenteo

    HELL in HELL!

    My favorites list: 10, 11, 12 and 23. Lots of city maps (I don't like them), or inspired by renowned ones.
  4. Argenteo

    FORTUNE.WAD "Soldier of Fortune" V1.0

    A good combination of action and clever puzzles. Too much fun.
  5. Argenteo

    DOOM JR.

    Disappointed by the lack of super secret levels. I think It's a good megawad for speedruns and pacifist lovers.
  6. Argenteo

    DOOM 32 (Release II)

    A mix of maps. Not play so seriously. I liked the sounds. Groovy its a classic.
  7. Argenteo

    84cy-XII - A Boom-compatible puzzle speedmap

    I escaped but that freaky eye it's on my tracks. Cool concept.
    I like the destroyed base after the first map, but gameplay seems a bit odd. The third map doesn't feel like a continuation to the second.
  8. Argenteo

    The Helios Project - Stage Alpha

    A good short map, feels a bit empty if you clear all in your path and have to go back then.
  9. Argenteo

    The Seventh 06 - Caverns of Neptune

    I had fun running to the end. Simple.
  10. Argenteo

    [Release] Kill, a 25 year old megawad for Doom 1 (v1.2.1)

    The lighting on e3 is amazing, clearly it was the best episode. On each map you descend more and more into hell. The starting rooms always gets you moving. A lot of fun. I love the angel attack midi. Some notes:
  11. Argenteo

    [Release] Kill, a 25 year old megawad for Doom 1 (v1.2.1)

    Finish the second episode also pistol start without problems. Much more complicated than the first chapter. The midi selection is awesome. I still like the first one more, it has more doomcute things. :) Some notes: We are the machines!
  12. Argenteo

    The Seventh 05: Underground

    Theme change in a short linear challenge. I like the lighting but sometimes it's really dark. It's average and basic but short and fun.
  13. Argenteo

    [Release] Kill, a 25 year old megawad for Doom 1 (v1.2.1)

    Love that chess. I had a good time playing through e1. I played pistol start with no problems. Thanks to that secret berserker pack. :) Some things:
  14. Argenteo

    The Seventh 04 Defragmentation

    A small berserker map. So nice.