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Everything posted by Argenteo

  1. Argenteo

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    100krevs -nomonsters 1
  2. Argenteo

    HELL in HELL!

    My favorites list: 10, 11, 12 and 23. Lots of city maps (I don't like them), or inspired by renowned ones.
  3. Argenteo

    FORTUNE.WAD "Soldier of Fortune" V1.0

    A good combination of action and clever puzzles. Too much fun.
  4. Argenteo

    DOOM JR.

    Disappointed by the lack of super secret levels. I think It's a good megawad for speedruns and pacifist lovers.
  5. Argenteo

    DOOM 32 (Release II)

    A mix of maps. Not play so seriously. I liked the sounds. Groovy its a classic.
  6. Argenteo

    84cy-XII - A Boom-compatible puzzle speedmap

    I escaped but that freaky eye it's on my tracks. Cool concept.
    I like the destroyed base after the first map, but gameplay seems a bit odd. The third map doesn't feel like a continuation to the second.
  7. Argenteo

    The Helios Project - Stage Alpha

    A good short map, feels a bit empty if you clear all in your path and have to go back then.
  8. Argenteo

    The Seventh 06 - Caverns of Neptune

    I had fun running to the end. Simple.
  9. Argenteo

    [Release] Kill, a 25 year old megawad for Doom 1 (v1.2.1)

    The lighting on e3 is amazing, clearly it was the best episode. On each map you descend more and more into hell. The starting rooms always gets you moving. A lot of fun. I love the angel attack midi. Some notes:
  10. Argenteo

    [Release] Kill, a 25 year old megawad for Doom 1 (v1.2.1)

    Finish the second episode also pistol start without problems. Much more complicated than the first chapter. The midi selection is awesome. I still like the first one more, it has more doomcute things. :) Some notes: We are the machines!
  11. Argenteo

    The Seventh 05: Underground

    Theme change in a short linear challenge. I like the lighting but sometimes it's really dark. It's average and basic but short and fun.
  12. Argenteo

    [Release] Kill, a 25 year old megawad for Doom 1 (v1.2.1)

    Love that chess. I had a good time playing through e1. I played pistol start with no problems. Thanks to that secret berserker pack. :) Some things:
  13. Argenteo

    The Seventh 04 Defragmentation

    A small berserker map. So nice.
    Lots of tough monsters in small size corridors. I like the small details in the walls. I expected more explosions from that reactor. I don't seem to find the next map in the archive. Jumping to 5.
  14. Argenteo

    The Seventh - Level Two: Station Charon

    Continuing with the previous one, in a small network of tunnels. Consistent. Simple and brief.
  15. Argenteo

    The Seventh - Level 1: Launch Gate

    Small introductory map. That room with two Hknights and a baron with just a shotgun ... but what is to come?
  16. Argenteo

    Prower's Series for DooM2

    Conversion to doom 2 = SSG. Missed opportunity to restructure these maps.
  17. Argenteo

    Prower's Revenge

    The opposition a little strange, I expected a little more at the end. Some nice details. Kind of empty.
  18. Argenteo

    Prower's Collection - DooM 2 version

    Some had already been published. I got stuck at 2 (Bad luck I guess). They look and play well. Quite a few archs.
  19. Argenteo

    The Experiment

    Some interesting and some with problems. I had a lot of fun on two maps fed up with barrels.
  20. Argenteo

    Prower's Gate to Hell

    A little empty when you come back from looking for the keys. It looks good and it plays well. Shoot those columns.
  21. Argenteo

    Prower's Military Base

    Where is the ammunition? Why that elevator so high that it took forever? I do not know.
  22. Argenteo

    Palace of Malice

    Long old map for heretic. Quite empty and quiet. Release date 95.
  23. Argenteo


    There's never too much plasma. I enjoyed the midi and sound replacements. Easy and fun.