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  1. this whole thread is a big meme because of one faked speedrun by an obscure youtube channel i love the doom community
  2. triplebarrel

    GZDoom - Annoyingly Long Loading Times

    I don't have a texture pack, I'm just running vanilla DOOM. If texture scaling is what I think it means, I use xBRZ and a 3x texture resizing multiplier. When I turn it off, the load times are still the exact same. I said SoftPoly is a lot slower than the other 2. The version I use is GZDoom 4.3.3. The hardware specs I have are 8GB of RAM and an Intel i5 processor. I've updated my drivers and the problem still remains.
  3. Between levels in classic DOOM and DOOM 2, I get loading times which are around 12 seconds long using OpenGL and Vulkan. SoftPoly fixes this, but the performance significantly decreases (like 25 fps max), is there any way I can decrease these load times?
  4. triplebarrel


    If The Room was a Doom .wad, it would be this. This wad has some fucking horribly overscaled maps and has mostly flat areas. Most parts are best described as boxy and repetitive and it drowns the player in Cyberdemons commonly. Oh yeah, also there being a key required to continue by going in a basically 0 brightness corridor - that being in the first map alone. I'd probably mistake this for being a wad made in 1994, but no, it's made in 2011.
  5. triplebarrel

    spicy.wad - My first public map!

    I made a short .WAD (single map, under 75kb) but tried to make the last part as slaughtermap-py as possible with the limited amount of space that area had, mostly because there was ONE pain elemental, well... forcing you to hold the shit out of that shift button for a little while. It's a tiny bit like Suspension of Dusk, with there basically being the colour grey everywhere you look. Ehh, that's the only connection I can make with this and Suspension of Dusk, since that WAD has a lot more open areas and length overall. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Tested on Skulltag and requires a DOOM 2 WAD. DROPBOX LINK - https://www.dropbox.com/s/fn9e69ymty0p4zs/spicy.wad?dl=0