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  1. PSI Boredom Ω

    Fox News Is Staffed By Gibbering Lunatics

    I watched it, and I lost a total of 25 iq afterwards. I bet her asshole is jealous of the pure bullshit that went out of her mouth.
  2. Looks pretty damn useful. I dont think I need it right now, but im downloading it just in case.
  3. PSI Boredom Ω

    Another game i was making - "Operation: Hunter"

    This looks pretty damn good for an fps creator game. Nice work!
  4. Just slipping a little wip screenshot here. Dont mind the custom gun tho, thats just from a mod I ran with this cause it looks cool lmao.


  5. PSI Boredom Ω

    Your mapping fears

    Unpegged door tracks are a M O R T A L sin. I also always have a small fear of lack of motivation and ideas, but when I do have ideas i have a fucking blast when mapping.
  6. PSI Boredom Ω

    What Is Your Favorite Doom II Weapon (Poll!)

    You can literally get it as early as E1M2 in Ultimate Doom lmao.
  7. PSI Boredom Ω

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    uhm... hmmm. idk...
  8. PSI Boredom Ω

    Marbled Prison: PSI's First Map

    Thanks for the criticism and advice, but I actually watched that vid by Doomkid already. I think its a great video and I tried following those kinds of rules when making this map.
  9. PSI Boredom Ω

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I actually just finally released my very first map, and I plan on starting another soon.
  10. PSI Boredom Ω

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Cat on the fireblu, what will he do? He will make a map for doom 2.
  11. PSI Boredom Ω

    Marbled Prison: PSI's First Map

    Glad you liked the map! I had a bunch of fun making it. I also like the result of the TITLEPIC, it was really fun to make with pdn.
  12. PSI Boredom Ω

    Marbled Prison: PSI's First Map

    I personally agree with you on the gameplay being simple, but I wanted to go a little simple for my first map and not be too ambitious or non linear or anything. The same goes for the boss, but I thought mobile archies would be quite threatening. Also about the doom2 format thing, I tried to put quite a bit of thought into the gameplay, albeit it being super simple. I decided to put in the visual stuff agter completing each room. Im sorry if you didnt enjoy it as much, but I hope you have a good day and hope you have some better times with my future maps.
  13. Finally released my first map!



  14. PSI Boredom Ω

    Marbled Prison: PSI's First Map

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ym7w7dh9pyvpoo5/marbpris.zip/file This is my very first proper Doom 2 map published! I decided to go with a hellish theme for this map cause of Halloween. The story is simple: You are trapped in a hellish prison filled to the brim with demon scum. Will you escape? This is my first map, so feedback is much appreciated and I might update this map to fix any possible bugs, balancing issues, etc. EDIT: Playthrough videos are also much appreciated. :) Technical Shit: Iwad: Doom 2 Source ports: Tested with GZdoom 4.4.2 and Zandronum Editors Used: Ultimate Doom Builder, SLADE 3, Paint.net Maps: MAP01 Build Time: 2-3 weeks Credits: TITLEPIC, Doom Menu Title, and Skybox by me (made with paint.net) Custom Status Bar: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/graphics/stbars Midi: Metalica - Creeping Death (From Dwango LB) Screenshots: