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  1. PSI Boredom Ω

    It Runs Doom: Nintendo's Game & Watch Super Mario Bros edition

    What about doom on the Tiger Game Watch?
  2. PSI Boredom Ω

    Half-Lifey WADs?

    Cause its a pretty good tc tbh
  3. PSI Boredom Ω

    Which way is it???

    Now we have tiddies to go with the ass
  4. PSI Boredom Ω

    Half-Lifey WADs?

  5. PSI Boredom Ω

    Any Neocities users?

    You are gonna need to learn some html and css to make a website on there, as neocities doesnt exactly simplify everything like Wix, but html and css are relatively easy to learn anyways, so its no biggie imo. Necocities also has its own tutorials on html and css also so you dont have to go too far to look or help getting started.
  6. PSI Boredom Ω

    Spec Ops The Line Was Never Good

    Using these as guidelines, im gonna make shitty hot take thread #18390
  7. PSI Boredom Ω

    Any Neocities users?

    Are there any Neocities users on these forums? If so and you host a website on there, feel free to share them! Allow me to go first. https://therealmofabsurdity.neocities.org
  8. PSI Boredom Ω

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Edgee aneemay character number 10487285936
  9. PSI Boredom Ω

    What fake name do you use at restaurants?

    Tbh now, id use the name xXIgetAlltheBitches69420Xx like im on fucking modern warfare on xbox live. or just use @mrthejoshmon's idea.
  10. I wish I can play CSS or Unturned or Gmod with someone My Discord is PSI Boredom Ω#2467 if you wanna chat with me.
  11. PSI Boredom Ω

    What fake name do you use at restaurants?

    Im not old enough to drive to McDonald's. But I would go with some silly shit if im in the mood. Maybe Nick would be a nice fake name too.
  12. PSI Boredom Ω

    best operating system for kids

    Cause he's a kid. I dont think hes gonna be dualbooting anytime soon
  13. PSI Boredom Ω

    best operating system for kids

    I recommend just installing Windows for the sake of simplicity. Thoufh I bet there are some linux distros though that can be user friendly.
  14. PSI Boredom Ω

    Half-Life 1 Or 2?

    HL1 and HL2 are both very good. But I think HL1 is better, as its combat feels a lot more fun than HL2's. HL2 is really good too though, as it's evironments and worldbuilding are phenomenal. HL1 also feels like it has a bigger modding community, as many good mods come out of it (With Counter-Strike starting out as one).