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PSI Boredom Ω

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Status Updates posted by PSI Boredom Ω

  1. Just posted a beta for my upcoming map if anyone wants to play it and give feedback.

  2. Holy shit I havent been on here in a dog's age.

  3. Hey, ive only just now found out about you through a texture pack and found out you made a speech called "Doom is an art scene" and I really enjoyed it. It says a lot about how Romero made an awesome community (that im proud to be in) that is seriously passionate about Doom and its modding scene. As a part of this passionate community and wanting to make my own games and stories with the engine (or at least GZDoom), this hit me and made me feel good. Thank you for the speech.


  4. Just slipping a little wip screenshot here. Dont mind the custom gun tho, thats just from a mod I ran with this cause it looks cool lmao.


  5. Finally released my first map!



  6. Im now changing my alias. Hopefully I dont cause confusion at anypoint in time cause of this.

  7. Fuck it, Piranha plant time!


  8. Finally made a video for once, and its a playthrough of Clippy's new map, Fried Chicken 87.