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  1. alps

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    doesn't zero master use that for his own channel and also dsda channel on yt?
  2. alps

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    does anyone know that you can actually run eviternity in dos i realized people ran it with complevel 11 in prboom+ which is mbf compat level so i figured why shouldn't i go and try it with actual mbf it worked until i enabled high res thing which made it crash always
  3. alps

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    bro, your hands lift off perfectly for that sr50 there?
  4. kama sutra map01 nomo 29.89 29 is harder to get in nomo because there is no death exit with imp 28 should be possible in uv-speed but i'm not skilled enough to do it ks01xo2989.zip
  5. yo coincident was about to leave home so i just zipped it and sent it, ill fix it later
  6. alps

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    we use the steam wad for tnt and plutonia right? (steam version doesn't use the re-release wads but rather originals) (tnt 17,770 kb plutonia 17,013 kb)
  7. e1m3 normal exit nomo 30.74 e1m3xo3074.zip
  8. scythe map01 uv-speed 8.14 need to get to red bars in at least 4.97 or smth but yes, here's my progress so far on sc01uv, its not that bad, i just failed to do some quick manuevers, first switch was pressed 1 tic late compared to vita's sc01x786 so i feel like i can probably do 7.97 soon enough, its a lot more possible than anything else i have tried so far sc01x814.zip do not upload to dsda, i will remove this as soon as (if i ever do anyway) get 7
  9. d2twid map01 pacifist + reality 6.46 also 2 tics faster than swdude's d2all id01xpr646.zip
  10. scythe map01 nomo 7.97 sc01xo797.zip
  11. e2m1 nomo 30.83 e2m1xo3083.zip side note: trying e2m2 12 rn, its hard
  12. origwad uv-pacifist 1.89 origxp189.zip doesn't use rng manipulation with pistol
  13. e4 nomo 1:14 this time its entirely by me had 5 hours so i just decided to revamp this because i had nothing to do ep4-xo114.zip @SWDude i hope you didnt forget btw
  14. doom 2 dead quick in 2:33 30uvde0233.zip playback with deadwin.wad and deadwin.deh
  15. doom e3 nomo 2:38 ep3-xo238.zip old 2:40 is invalid due to strafe59 tic, removed it checked the tics twice, didnt see any invalid tics, feel free to check yourself, notify me if you find any when you do