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  1. Ultimate Doom E2M9 UV-Speed in 5.74 e2m9x574.zip Doom II: Hell on Earth MAP01 UV-Speed [+reality] in 4.51 lv01xr451.zip MAP01 No Monsters in 4.37 lv01xo437.zip MAP02 No Monsters in 11.51 lv02xo1151.zip MAP07 UV-Pacifist [+reality] in 2.49 lv07xpr249.zip MAP07 NM-Speed [+pacifist & reality] in 2.49 lv07nxpr249.zip MAP07 No Monsters in 2.49 lv07xo249.zip Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment MAP01 NM-Speed in 5.80 pl01nx580.zip MAP08 No Monsters in 13.54 pl08xo1354.zip MAP21 UV-Pacifist [+reality] in 2.54 pl21xpr254.zip yeah
  2. Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment map15 nomo 4 player coop in 12.46 pl15xco1246.zip
  3. Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment map01 uv-pacifist + reality in 5.86 pl01x586.zip map01 nomo in 5.94 pl01xo594.zip
  4. Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment map08 nomo 4 player coop in 11.43 pl08xco1143.zip the other two players are completely unneccessary, you can get 11 without utilizing their start position anyway, used a 2 player wallrun in place of a rj that can be seen in 15plx723
  5. Ultimate Doom e4m7 nomo in 7.80 e4m7xo780.zip
  6. Eviternity MAP06 (Reconnect) NoMo in 40.74 evit06xo4074.zip
  7. Ultimate Doom e4m4 uv-speed 21.49, showcasing the jump e4m4x2149.zip 24.54 without the jump e4m4x2454.zip
  8. that's a brilliant idea edit: got it :)
  9. looper has 15s tas hehe
  10. alps

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    you should post these in tas thread part 2, also your tas uses longtics, use shorttics instead
  11. e1m1 nomo 7.86 e1m1xo786.zip goal was to match looper's uv 7.86 in nomo
  12. alps

    Eternity Engine 4.02.00 Forseti

    now i can play around with this, and i have noticed a slight problem but i doubt its related to this engine(because demo was recorded in prboom+ with -complevel 11) so i wont talk about it here
  13. alps

    Eternity Engine 4.02.00 Forseti

    probably a noob question but is there really no "always run" option in this engine? i was looking forward to playing around with it but having to hold shift = tired hand.
  14. Alien Vendetta MAP01 UV-Speed 22.37 av01x2237.zip video: it's still processing vp9 1080p, 2k and 4k